Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gain "Best Boyfriend or Husband Ever" Status this Christmas (Part two)

It's never been a secret that shopping for the opposite gender can be difficult at times, especially for those men who may not be experts in the shopping department. But like we discussed in the first part of this two-part series, as long as you go to the mall with some ideas, fresh perspective, and knowledge of her sizes- it's not as bad as it seems (even if the mall is a zoo!). The hardest part of christmas shopping for your significant other isn't just getting organized and getting to the mall, its getting the creative ideas in the first place. 

And that is where we come in! For someone who struggles with coming up with unique and creative ideas or someone who has been buying for the same person for a long time, coming up with an awesome gift can seem like the ultimate challenge. But we have gathered together a list of ideas that will guarantee you'll be giving yourself a pat on the back this Christmas morning. So hands off the lingerie, step away from Victoria's Secret, and listen up!

1. Ipad Mini Retina
The original Ipad Mini was pretty awesome, but now loaded with a jaw-dropping retina display  and high end A7 and M7 processors, the updated one is even cooler. So if you have a tech-lover for a wife or girlfriend, you might want to head over to your local Apple store for this Christmas.

2. Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna 
For anyone hitched to a chef or someone who loves to cook, look no further! This unique knife is definitely the next trendy item to have in the kitchen. The strong, curved blade slices through herbs and vegetables with speed, accuracy, and efficiency and will have them whipping up delicious dishes in no time (so this is a gift you'll love too!)

3. Pantone Coffee Maker 
Now this is a present I would love to have under my tree! And if the woman in your life loves coffee as much as I do- this would be the perfect gift for her as well. The small coffee maker isn't just stylish, but also comes with a variety of cup-size options, ranging from a three-cup version to a nine-cup version. 

4. Apple iPhone 5S
Not much has to be said about this suggestion! All of the buzz on the Internet and from your friends speaks for itself. Next to the upcoming updated Samsung Galaxy, this is the most talked about phone of 2013. Equip with metallic casings and other ridiculously cool features, the new version of the iPhone 5 is flying of the shelves this Christmas, so if you want one in your wife's stocking this year you'd better get to the nearest Verizon ASAP. 

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5. Housecleaning services
Wait, a maid for Christmas? This is definitely one of the more unique gift ideas I came across but when I gave it some thought this is actually an excellent idea for a present. If your wife hates cleaning as much as I do, buying her a package for a housecleaning service will allow her to relax and put her feet up on her days off from work instead of catching up on household chores. Who wouldn't want their Christmas present to be to come home to a sparkly clean house every week! 

6. A Bath set
One of many women's favorite ways to unwind is with a nice, hot bath. If the woman in your life likes to have a soak after a stressful day, help her to completely unwind with a fancy bath set- something you can find at countless boutiques, department stores, your mall's Bath and Body Works, and so on. And complete the experience by adding a comfy robe and fuzzy slippers! 

7. Drybar Blowout Box
Treat her hair this Christmas with the ultimate hair-drying experience. The Drybar Blowout in a Box is an ultra-sleek and stylish blow dryer set complete with three different attachments, a brush, and three styling products. 

8. The Misfit Shine
Now this would be something my mom would love! If your wife or girlfriend is crazy about fitness, this gift has to be your next purchase. The Misfit Shine is a small and sleek
fitness tracker, that measures everything from steps taken to calories burned even while you're asleep! The best part? It wirelessly connects to your iPhone or Android, keeping you up to date on your stats at all times! 

While lingerie and jewelry can be nice, give her something different this year that will really surprise her and make it the best Christmas morning possible- for both of you! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Gain "Best Boyfriend or Husband Ever" Status This Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

This 2-part blog is for the fathers, husbands, and boyfriends out there! It's no secret that shopping for the opposite gender can be a bit on the difficult side sometimes, whether you are new to the game or have been in it for a while. It can feel like the ultimate challenge to try and find a gift that wraps up unique, romantic, functional, thoughtful, and personal all into one without making your wallet cry. 

But through observation, research, and just being- you know- a female, I'm here to rescue all you confused men and tell you how you can be the guy patting himself on the back this Christmas morning.

First off- know her specific sizes/measurements- and if you don't: ask her for them.
If you are planning on purchasing any type of clothes, shoes, intimates, ect then this is crucial! 

A few years ago, I accompanied my father while he went Christmas shopping for my mom. We were in White House Black Market looking at dresses and the sales lady presented my dad with a question most women would find obvious- well, what size is she? My dad hesitated for a moment before looking at the woman and answering with a response most men would deem reasonable; "Umm, probably about your size. You know, similar height and build." 

And my dad is not alone. During my time as a retail sales associate, I had countless interactions with lost husbands wandering the store blindly looking for something that seemed like the right fit for their significant other. And I  would help them as best as I could, but it's tough when they don't have any knowledge or numbers at all. And the guy who would walk in knowing all of his wife's sizes and measurements never failed to impress us sales associates- so be that guy. How can you be that guy? By just asking her! If you don't want to give anything away, ask far in advance and ask for all her measurements- even if you only need to know her dress or bra size- so she can't make any guesses (which she will try to!).

Second, don't be afraid to ask for help.
If at any point you are roaming the store and a sales associate asks you if you need any help, unless you are completely 110% sure of what you are going to get, don't hesitate to take her up on her offer- that is what she is there for! She is familiar with the store's products and can contribute some female perspective

Again, when I was a sales associate, I loved interacting with the customers and helping them out, especially when it was a boyfriend or husband trying to pick out something special for their girlfriend or wife. And reaching out for help isn't just limited to sales associates- if you need some fresh opinions or creative ideas there are no better people to ask then her girlfriends, sisters, mother, or even your teenage daughter! 

And lastly, newcomers keep in mind that "stereotypical" gifts aren't always a bad thing, and for returning players- don't be afraid to change it up. 

For any men in a brand new relationship, there is nothing wrong with falling back on some of the classics- jewelry, chocolate, flowers, lingerie, and so on. Just because these ideas have been done many times before doesn't mean there aren't still ways to get creative and it doesn't mean she wouldn't still love them. Switch out the diamond studs for a pair or gold hoops, trade the gold bracelet for a trendy new Alex and Ani bangle, ect. 

And for our men in longterm relationships, try switching it up this year and doing something really different! I know you've been getting her favorite Chanel perfume for the last 10 Christmases and she has come to expect it- but this year how about surprising her with something unexpected! And don't worry about her being disappointed when she doesn't get her usual perfume (just make sure the new gift is better, kidding!...Sort of) because trust me, she will most likely love the change! I know I'm not a husband, but when I was little I knew my mom loved candles, so I bought her a different scented Yankee Christmas candle for about ten years, and that Christmas morning finally came where she opened up something from me other than a candle, disappointment probably wasn't the word that came to her mind! 

Pick out the Christmas gift that will win you Husband of the Year based off of these unique and creative suggestions in the upcoming "How to Gain Best Boyfriend or Husband Ever Status This Christmas" Part Two!

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10 Breakthrough Gadgets for This Year's Christmas Present (Part 2 of 3)

This year has been revolutionary regarding the creation and advancement of technology, from huge advancements like within the medical field, to smaller ones that are just for our own entertainment. And those ones make for the best christmas presents!

So if you have any tech-wiz kids or husbands, these items will make for the perfect additions to this year's shopping list!

4. The Bladepad
This is definitely the present for all your gamers. The trendy Apple accessory makes gaming easy- and portable. The Bladepad is a gaming controller complete with light-up joysticks and buttons, that attaches to your iPhone 5, so they can play anytime, anywhere (until you say otherwise of course!). It even comes with a power cable, eliminating the fear of a draining battery!
Learn more about this awesome gaming device at their website:

5. Breffo Adventure Camera Kit
This camera accessory will end your frustrations with trying to capture the perfect angle, and prevent the need to choose between asking a stranger for a group picture or the "having Mom/Dad disappear from family photos for 10 years" routine. The interesting looking but efficient new device is an "Octopod" that can grip on to anything while holding your camera secure at the same time. Satisfy your loved one's  inner photographer (or your own if we are talking about a little christmas shopping for Mom!) by having this portable device on hand for any important occasion. Twist and manipulate the rubber-covered, spider-like legs in any fashion while a screw holds your camera in place and you've got yourself a perfect picture- that you can all actually be included in! 

To learn more about this product visit their website at:

6. Pocketstrings
I included this one on the list because it was one of the more simple yet unique creations I saw. If you have a musician in your family, this is something you definitely are going to want to look into! "Pocketstrings", is a portable set of strings that allows quick and easy practicing- while keeping the volume down (something the rest of the family might appreciate!). 
Learn more about the "Musician's best friend", visit:

To See More Cool Gadgets Ideas for Your Tech-Lovers Keep A Look Out for Part Three Coming Soon! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

10 Breakthrough Gadgets for This Year's Christmas Present (Part 1 of 3)

With the passing of Thanksgiving, most people have one thing on their mind: Christmas shopping. The start of December welcomes the holiday season and with it comes lights, Christmas trees, holiday music, baking, and some serious shopping. And for those Moms doing Christmas shopping for techn-savvy teenagers and husbands- this is your lucky year. 

The last decade has seen some incredible technological advancements, but 2013 introduced some jaw-droppingly cool gadgets that you're definitely going to want to put on your list. 

1. Samsung Galaxy S4
Everyone's always buzzing about Apple's Iphones, but you may be surprised to know that in 2012's global smartphone market share Samsung's Galaxy S3 actually beat out the iPhone 5! Experts predict the updated version, the Galaxy S4 is going to give Apple a run for its money when it hits stores in April. Reading this as a die-hard Apple user myself, I wasn't entirely convinced but when I read about the new features it offers- I have no problem believing this will be the next big phone. Not even taking the 5-inch 1080 display and 13.0 megapixel camera into account, the phone offers touch-screen features including "Smart pause" which pauses video by the user simply turning their head away from the screen, as well as "Smart scroll", where users can browse through their emails by simply tilting the phone. How is this possible? All through facial recognition. 

2. 3Doodler
Reading about this recent invention truly blew me away. The 3Doodler has been dubbed "the world's first 3D printing pen". So how does it work? Well, the pen releases hot plastic which cools and then quickly solidifies. The creators believe that this pen will be responsible for huge advances in limited edition art as well as templates. They add that it is not only for projects and designing, but can be used for smaller, fun things too like decorating iPhone cases or jewelry. This makes for the perfect gift for any artists or architects-to-be!

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3. Pebble
This next invention combines a smartphone with a watch, in the coolest way possible. Nicknamed the "First Watch of the 21st Century", the Pebble connects to iPhone or Android smartphones and enables you to receive text messages, emails, or incoming calls at the touch of a button. But the reason why it truly stands out as the watch of the 21st century is because now in addition to viewing your texts, you can load it up with apps, with an increasing number available each day!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Delicious and Creative Ways to Use Up All That Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is over and all the guests have left with full stomachs and smiles on their faces (hopefully!)- but now you have a fridge filled with leftovers- pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce, the works. And probably what you'll have the most to finish up? All of that turkey. And the catch? You have a limited time to eat it before it goes bad! It would be a shame to waste, but honestly there are only so many turkey sandwiches one can eat. So that raises the question many hosts face each year, what to do with all that extra food?

Luckily for us, a lot of chefs have also considered this dilemma. So I've put together a delicious list of ways you can use up those leftovers without throwing them away (or getting sick of turkey!). I've also included links to easy and reliable recipes below each suggestion to help you get started on your turkey-eating-marathon! 

1. Turkey Soup
This is number one on my list because I've actually done this before and if you haven't, trust me, you're missing out! Turkey soup is both delicious and a perfect opener to the winter/holiday season. And you can use more than just your leftover turkey for this recipe; throw in your leftover potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and more to top off a perfect, hearty lunch or dinnertime treat!
Click here to see a recipe for homemade turkey soup:

2. Turkey Chili
Another yummy wintertime meal! When it's cold outside, there is nothing like a nice bowl of hot chili. There are tons of chili recipes out there featuring turkey, so I'm confident you'll be able to find one that appeals to you. Chili is both easy to make and popular, so you should have no problem finding people to share it with!

3. Turkey Pot Pie
This recipe can combine multiple of our frequent Thanksgiving leftovers- almost all of them really! If cooked your dessert pies from scratch, then you can use your left over pie crust
to start- and if baking is not your style and you were one of many of us who chose a nice, store-bought pie- that's okay too! It's easy enough to find pre-made pie crust to use. Then the rest is easy! FIll it up with all your Thanksgiving favorites- turkey, peas, corn, gravy, carrots, celery, and more. Heat up some mashed potatoes for your side and you've got yourself an amazing meal that won't remind you that you're still working on those leftovers. 

4. The Thanksgiving Sandwich
There are all different names for this food item depending on where you go, but I just
refer to it as the Thanksgiving Sandwich. It is one of my personal favorites- and not just during the Thanksgiving season! This idea is definitely the easiest one to make, but trust me it is just as delicious as the rest. Just take a piece of bread, and after toasting it, put on your desired amount of turkey. Then here comes the good part, load it up with as many leftovers as you want! Starting with the basics; stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy, then top it off with whatever else you like (cranberry sauce, peas, corn, ect). But like many southern treats, this is not a meal for our low calorie lovers! But hey, it's the holidays- so whose really counting calories anyway? 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

23-Year-Old Snapchat Founder Turns Down $4 Billion For His Idea: Is He Brilliant or Just Insane?

Is he the most brilliant entrepreneur ever or a crazy man? That is the question everyone is asking after news that the co-founder of Snapchat turned down the deal of a lifetime.

Only a few years ago, Evan Spiegal was your average college student, but since then the now 23-year-old has turned a hobby into a world-wide phenomenon. 

His interest in designing software started in high school when developing video game emulators grew into building and designing websites for friends.
Spiegal's hobbies showed his obvious talents and his interest in the subject only continued to grow into college.

The revolutionary smartphone app was created out of an idea between Spiegal and his frat boy buddies. They were brainstorming a way you could share pictures and then have them disappear into cyberspace without having to save or delete them. 

The unique concept, which can be thought of as essentially texting through pictures, has become an overnight sensation for smartphone users. Whether it's snapping pictures of funny faces or what they're having for dinner that night, people of all ages are getting hooked. 

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This popularity has led Spiegal to believe that Snapchat has a lot farther to climb and a promising future ahead, so much so that he turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook
for the app. Not only that, but he then proceeded to turn down a second offer from Google for $4 billion! He stands by his decision, positive that Snapchat will one day be capable of being an industry of its own. You almost have to admire his confidence! 

Again, we ask ourselves- brilliant or crazy? I guess only time will be able to tell if the young businessman was correct in standing by his idea or if he should have taken the money while his app was still in high demand.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What You'll Know By the End of Your First Year of Motherhood

Every mother-to-be has a certain expectation of how parenting will be and what kind of mother they see themselves as- don't deny it! But by the end of the first year as a mother, every woman knows what no book will ever tell you- some of those expectations turned out to be true, but most didn't. Motherhood is a unique and amazing experience that ultimately cannot be understood until you're actually experiencing it for yourself. So as you begin your journey through this nerve-wracking and exciting stage keep these things in mind:

-It doesn't matter how many books you read
The first thing every parent-to-be needs to accept is that there is no such thing as being 100% prepared to be a parent. Mistakes will be made. Surprises will happen. But you know what? That's okay! You learn as you go and that's the beauty of it! 

-Your body is going to be different in ways you didn't predict
Your postpartum body is going to to be stretched and squishy and it's probably going to make you feel self conscious and embarrassed at times- but cut yourself some slack! You just spent 9 months nurturing and carrying a little person! That right there is a beautiful thing, so don't ever let anything make you feel otherwise.

-Get ready for the unsolicited advice
Don't get me wrong, there are people out there with some fantastic advice that you are desperately going to need and appreciate. Then there are those other people. A lot of people are going to be pouring their parenting styles and techniques on you, whether you ask for
them or not, so prepare yourself to patiently and politely listen, nodding along, and then mentally disregard everything they just said. Other people's babies aren't like yours, so the only people who know exactly what kind of parenting works for your family are you and your husband. 

-Every baby is unique which means each experience will be too
Every baby is their own unique individual (just in a tiny body!) which means that there is is no manual (person or book!) who can tell you exactly what it's going to be like raising your child. It's a stressful, sleep-deprived, scary, beautiful and wonderful time in your life, so buckle up and prepare yourself for the ride, taking one thing at a time and learning as you go! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hosting Your First Thanksgiving Without All the Stress

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most celebrated and looked forward to holidays in America- unless you are in charge of preparing this years dinner that is. Anyone who has been in charge of preparing a meal that size for a group of people knows that it can turn a fun, relaxing holiday into a hair-pulling, stress-filled dinner. Luckily, there are a lot of techniques to help even the rookies of Thanksgiving prepare a delicious meal, host an awesome party, and actually have fun at the same time. 

1. Remember that even your grandma hosted her first thanksgiving once
Don't put too much pressure on yourself to make sure every single thing is absolutely perfect- it won't be. But that's okay. There is no sense stressing yourself out because your turkey doesn't look exactly like Aunt Betty's or Grandma's, they have had a lot of years of practice to get it that way. 

2. Since you're the host, you get to call the shots
As much of a burden of responsibility it may initially seem, it is also kind of a relief. A relief because this year, you get to set the pace and tone of how you want Thanksgiving to be. Do you want it to be fancy? Have people dress up. Rather keep it casual? That's fine too. You can decide what time you want people to show up and how many should come. You can decide if you'd rather leave out the cherry pie this year and replace it with chocolate. Getting to make these kinds of decisions can actually be kind of fun if you let it!

3. Don't forget the message of Thanksgiving
Even through all the stress, remember that Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for everyone to relax and spend time together (and pig out), and just because you're hosting it doesn't mean you are an exception! So don't let the little things bother you and freak out if everything doesn't t go perfectly. Relax! Even if the pie burns or Uncle Frank drinks too much again.

4. Accept help
Understand that this is your first time hosting such an important holiday dinner and it's going to be a lot to handle. So when people come into the kitchen and are asking you if you need any help, don't be afraid to say yes! 

5. Do everything in advance
The key ingredient to having a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner party is not to save anything for the last minute. If you start planning really far in advance and have a set schedule of when things need to be done by, this will take a huge weight off your shoulders and help things to go along smoothly. Have menu planned and grocery shopping completed by the weekend before- by Wednesday every super market will be a war zone that you want to avoid at all costs. The day before Thanksgiving, prepare are much of the food as you can, set the table and any decorations you wish to have, and decide on your outfit. 

On Thanksgiving day, figure out what time you need to roast the turkey, boil the potatoes, and lay out any appetizers or snacks. Make sure you empty the dishwasher before the party starts. Don't forget to squeeze a shower at some point between all of that and you're all set to host your first Thanksgiving dinner!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Middle School Football Team Demonstrates Humility and Kindness Adults Can Learn From

Mothers spend all of their time trying to teach their kids; teach them how to behave, how to treat others, how to achieve their goals- but then we hear stories that make us realize how often it can be the kids who teach us

The football team at Olivet Middle School in Olivet, Michigan shows how inspiring and courageous acts can come from the most unexpected places from the most unexpected people. 

For weeks, the Olivet Eagles plotted amongst one another, without the knowledge or involvement of any coaches or teachers, to make a play that would permanently change the way the game is played. 

The play thought up for one of the members of the team, Keith Orr, a special needs boy with a very big heart. 

Despite the dismay from the crowds, Sheridan Hedrick, one of the players for the Eagles, sacrificed a potential touchdown to take a knee on the 1-yard line. His reason for doing this? To allow Keith to know what it feels like to score a touchdown and be the team hero, a joy the boys on the team felt every person deserves to know. 

Once Hedrick took a knee the play affectionately referred to as the "Keith Special" began. The ball was hiked and handed to Keith, who ran the touch down without a scratch thanks to the protection of his fellow teammates. 

What the boys did not know during their plan, was that the play they made was so much more than a touch down for a middle school football team. It was a moment that changed the outlook and perspective of one boy but also of a team and everyone who hears their inspiring story. It is proof that there are children out there that posses a level of humility and heart that many adults struggle to achieve. And perhaps, instead of us adults always having to be the teachers, that there are lessons for us to learn from them as well. 

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Click Below to Watch the Inspirational Video About the Olivet Middle School Football Team:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How People Show Their Support During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each year the month of October is dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds for breast cancer. There are traditions, activities, and events all over the world to promote awareness as well as celebrate the victories of breast cancer survivors. In the fall of 1983, the Race for the Cure was born. In Dallas, Texas over 800 people showed up to participate. Since then, the number of participants has reached 1.3 million and is held all over the world, including over 100 cities in the United States. 

Today, as many countries as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Netherlands participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with activities such as Germany's Komen Frankfurt Race for the Cure, the Netherlands Walk for Women, and the United Kingdom's Race for my Wife and Race for Life. 

In the United States, there are countless "Walks For the Cure", some reaching up to lengths of 30 miles. In the fall of 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out ribbons to those who participated in their race for breast cancer survivors. Evelyn Lauder, the Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estee Lauder Companies, liked this idea so much that she established the pink ribbon as the official symbol of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which she founded in 1993.

Since then, pink has become the color of breast cancer awareness and prevention during the month of October. Many theme parties, also known as "pink parties", are thrown during October and on "pink days" employees across the United States will wear pink clothing or accessories to work. 

The National Football League also joins in the fight against breast cancer and the celebration of breast cancer survivors by incorporating pink into their advertisements, websites, and graphics. Players also like to show their support by adding the color pink to their apparel, such as gloves and cleats. Even comic strips go pink during the month of October. In 2010, over 50 comic strip artists used the symbol of the pink ribbon with the words "Cartoonists Care" written inside. 

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People everywhere are standing up against breast cancer and celebrating those who have overcome the disease which will affect 12.4% of American women in her lifetime. There are so many ways to get involved, ranging from walks to simply wearing pink. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Coolest Costumes Made By Mom (Part Three of Three)

With Halloween just around the corner, busy moms are scrambling to put together the perfect costumes that their kids will love. But this year, instead of making that last-minute trip to the costume shop to pick a costume out of the small selection that will be left, try making an even better costume from scratch! In part one and two we described six costumes  that even the least arsty moms can throw together within only a matter of days-or hours- and here are three more ideas to make your child's costume fun and unique this halloween! 

7. Golfer
This next costume is easy to put together- and unbearably cute! Plus you can use the clothes on other occasions. 
What you need:
A white button up, an argyle sweater vest, tan khakis, a cap, matching argyle socks, and a small golf club
How to make it:
For this costume all you have to do is dress your little guy in his white button down, argyle sweater vest, khaki pants rolled up, with the argyle socks. Add his cap and miniature golf club and you've got yourself a perfect golfer costume!

8. Pirate 
There are plenty of variations of this costume that you can find at a local costume shop but its also just as easy to make yourself! 
What you need:
a black long sleeve shirt, an old white long sleeve shirt, old black pants, a bandana, and a plastic sword. 
How to make it:
Simply cut the sleeves of the white shirt, followed by the ends of an old pair of black pants- fraying them at the ends, then put the white shirt on over the black shirt and tie a bandana around their head. With the plastic sword and any accessories you want to throw on, this costume can be trick-or-treat ready within a matter of hours!

9. Fairy 
This costume takes a little longer than the others to put together- but it is so cute it is worth it! It is the ultimate costume for the ultimate girly girl and is sure to be a memorable one!
What you need:
A green leotard, pink tights, a green and brown leotard, fake flowers of various sizes and
colors, a brown headband, a glue gun, and super glue
How to make it:
To put together the skirt; take your tutu and glue gun, grabbing flowers of various sizes and glue them around the waist band of the tutu in a belt-like fashion. Then make the headpiece by gluing the rest of the flowers to the brown plastic headband. To put the final costume together, first put the pink tights on, followed by the green leotard and tutu- adding the headpiece as the finishing touch! After only a few hours you'll have the cutest fairy around! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Coolest Costumes Made By Mom (Part Two of Three)

With Halloween right around the corner, it is crunch time to be getting some costumes ready for the kids' big night! But if you still haven't managed to squeeze in a trip to the store, there is no need to stress out because we have found a list of fun and creative costumes that even the least artsy mom can put together. It's easy enough to head to a local costume shop and pick out a premade costume, but if you're feeling like trying something new this year and getting crafty, it's not too late!

The first three costumes on the list were the classic robot costume, the increasingly popular zombie costume, and the effortlessly adorable Crayola crayon costume. The list continues with three more easy-to-make and fun-to-wear costumes that are sure to put a smile on your child's face this holiday!

4. Pippi Longstocking 
This is the perfect costume for any girly girls out there trying to do something fun and unique. I still remember in first grade when a girl in my class came to school in a Pippi Longstocking costume that her mother had put together for her, so obviously it made a lasting impression! 
What you need:
Mismatched knee socks, a long scarf, a red long sleeve, a blue dress, a wire hanger, ribbons, bobby pins, brown eyeliner and a stuffed monkey
How to make it:
Just put on the red sweater with the dress over the top and the knee high socks-easy enough! The hardest part is the hair, but even that isn't too tough; just open up the wire hanger and bend it in a head-band like fashion, keeping it in place with bobby pins. Then carefully braid her hair around the wire and hairspray in place, tying the ribbons around the ends to add some cuteness! To add the finishing touches, take the brown eyeliner pencil and draw in some cute freckles. 

5. Little Bo Peep
Another one just for the girls! This costume is so adorable it is sure to grab everyone's attention and only requires a few pieces, so it's really easy and simple to put together even at the last minute.
What you need:
A pink dress, a petticoat, a cane, a pink bonnet, and white tape. 
How to make it:
First put on the petticoat to make the dress pouffy, followed by the pink dress, and the bonnet. Then add some white dress shoes and finish with the cane. If you don't know where to find a cane, just use a giant plastic candy cane (which can be found at craft stores or the Christmas Tree Shop) and make it white by wrapping it with white duct or electrical tape. 

6. Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat
This is one of the more creative of the costume ideas that I stumbled upon and think that it would without a doubt be a big hit for trick-or-treating! So if you have two kids who like the idea of a themed group costume, this is the perfect costume for them.
What you need:
For Curious George: a solid brown hooded sweatshirt, solid brown sweat pants, light brown construction paper, scissors, and tape or glue. 
For the Man With the Yellow Hat: A yellow button up, yellow pants, a yellow tie, a black sharpie, and a pointed yellow hat. 
How to make it:
For your little Curious George, dress him or her up in the brown sweat pants and sweatshirt, wearing the hood up. Then cut ears using the construction paper and glue or tape them to the hood. For the man with the yellow hat, dress him or her in the yellow pants, button up, and tie. Use the black sharpie to draw polka dots on the tie and add the yellow hat to complete the look!