Friday, April 24, 2015

21 Things Every Person With a New Baby Is Guilty Of According to Mike Spohr

   After having your first baby, there are certain behaviors that almost every new mom and dad catch themselves doing. Sometimes, new parents don’t even know that they are doing these things but Mike Spohr happily points them out with a humorous list of 21 things all parents with a new baby are guilty of doing. Scroll below to read the Buzzfeed staff writer’s list that almost every parent can relate to!

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1. Trusting some family members more than others to hold your baby

2. Trying to channel your inner photographer and take “artsy” pictures of your baby’s toes and fingers

 3. Poking your baby to make sure they’re still breathing and then pretending it wasn’t you who woke the baby

 4. Taking a while to feel 100% confident when carrying the baby from place to place

 5. Breaking all your social media rules you promised yourself you wouldn’t do before giving birth. You want to post another picture of the baby so bad you can’t resist but you hate yourself for it.

 6. Thinking that your baby has an amazing personality and is smiling at you when they are actually just really gassy

 7. Having those “I can’t do this” meltdowns 

8. Using your baby as an excuse for everything, like not texting back when you really were just on candy crush or playing trivia crack

9. Taking very long baths or showers when you get the rare opportunities 

10. Secretly thinking your baby is the cutest one in the room

 11. Panicking when someone in public sneezes or coughs near your baby

 12. Fantasizing about all the things you are going to do with your baby way in the future

 13. Having to suppress the urge to freak out at people who ask you how much sleep you’ve been getting

 14. Already judging other parents and their kids

 15. Talking about who your baby looks like even though it’s way too early to tell

 16. Really wishing that umbilical stump would just fall off already

 17. Constantly being worried about your baby’s soft spot

18. Tuning out on the advice you’ve already been given 10 times before

 19. Being terrified to cut your baby’s nails

 20. Trying to act much more in control of the situation than you really feel at your baby’s first appointment with the pediatrician 

21. And of course, loving the heck out of your baby more than you knew was possible

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Monday, April 20, 2015

What Started With One Woman Giving Neighborhood Kids Snacks Has Turned into Something So Much Bigger

At ONCEKids we celebrate women who inspire us with their kindness, strength and generosity. Cher Coner is one of those women who deserves to be acknowledged for her admirable qualities and heroic deeds. 

It all began in the summer of 2011 when Cher noticed some children gathered under a playground trying to find some relief from the pouring rain outside. But what began as her giving some snacks to a few local children has turned into a community-wide effort to help feed kids who don’t have enough food. 

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Millions of kids rely on school meals to get by, but what happens during the summer when school isn’t in session? Many of these kids will go hungry during summer breaks when there is no school intervention to provide them with the nutrition they so badly needed. That’s when Cher stepped in. And when more and more kids started showing up, the “No Kid Hungry” program helped her set up a summer meals program in her very own backyard. As the program has gotten bigger, more and more people from the community have gotten involved to make a difference in these kids’ lives. Sometimes all it takes is one caring person from the neighborhood to step in and say it is time for a change.

Click below to watch the heart warming video and learn more about Cher’s inspirational efforts to stop hunger in her community

ONCEKids Publishing is run by literacy advocate and Mompreneur Eileen Wacker.  Click here to find her acclaimed books

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Savannah James Hosts Third Annual "I PROMise Makeover" to Buy 60 Girls Prom Dresses

Mid-April is here, which means prom season has officially arrived! Riding in a limo with friends and wearing the perfect prom dress is something that many girls dream about for their junior and senior years of high school. Unfortunately, prom seems to get more and more expensive every year and for some girls, a brand new prom dress just isn’t affordable for them or their families.

Savannah James has watched high school girls experience the disappointment of not being able to afford prom, a milestone event for many young women, and vowed to find a way to make prom affordable for everyone. For the last three years, she has fulfilled that vow through the LeBron James Family Foundation’s “I PROMise Makeover event.

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For this annual event, Savannah James and her family treat 60 seniors from particular high schools in Ohio by helping them pick out and fund their dream prom dress. 

James and her husband, LeBron, first meet the lucky students for lunch at the Hilton, where they have a chance to receive tips from James’ personal stylist on must-have prom accessories or which undergarments they should wear underneath their dresses. Savannah also offers the girls her own advice, encouraging them to let the beauty on the inside shine through and to create a special memory. 

 After lunch, the girls are given a chance to sift through racks and racks of gorgeous prom dresses and even pick out the perfect pair of shoes from a large selection of everything from glittery high heels to fancy ballet flats.

When asked about her inspiration behind the creation of this foundation, Savannah responded, “Prom is a milestone event for most young women, and one that no girl should deny herself because she can’t afford to look the part. Prom is the icing on the cake because shortly after that is graduation and after is real life. So it’s about enjoying the last of your high school days because you never get that time back.”

Savannah James and her family’s kindness is truly amazing and gives high school seniors a special day to look and feel like a princess when they otherwise would not be able to.  

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Like a Queen on Mother's Day Without Spending Any Money

Ask any mother she will tell you, Mother’s Day is not about how much money was spent on gifts and there are much more creative (and often times more special) ways to tell you mother how much you love and appreciate her besides emptying out your wallet. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 10th-giving you plenty of time to plan something special. So we’ve put together a list of gift ideas that are both special and creative but absolutely free, picked out by moms themselves. 

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1. Make a scrap book or photo album of recent pictures
As we get older we tend to take less family photos, but this doesn’t mean they don’t get less important, so snap some nice pictures of you and your siblings for your mother to enjoy.

2. Give her a framed list of all the reasons why you love and appreciate you mom.
We all loved our mothers and appreciate all the things they have done for us, but don’t always tell them. Seeing a written out list of all these reasons will mean a lot to her. And actually seeing them on paper will serve as a nice reminder of why you love your mom too- and after all that is what Mother’s Day is about. 

3. Bring her a cooked breakfast, preferably in bed
 Nothing makes a person feel special like having a delicious cooked breakfast brought to them while they are in bed.

4. Give her a clean house
Most moms love a clean house, but usually to achieve this they are the ones who have to do the majority of the cleaning. Give your mom a much deserved day of relaxation by doing the cleaning for her. 

5. Burn a CD of all her favorite songs
Music has a way of being able to instantly bring you back to some great memories. When I hear certain songs, they immediately remind me of my childhood because my mother would play them all the time. Making her a mixtape of these songs will serve as a nice flashback for both of you.

6. Cook her favorite meal for dinner 
 For any mom, an ideal Mother’s Day would involve lots of delicious food, none of which was prepared by her. Continue the pampering after breakfast by preparing her a nice dinner made up of her favorite foods. And don’t let her do the dishes afterwards!

7. Volunteer to do one of the chores she hates for a week
No one loves chores, but many parents have that one chore in particular that they just hate- for my mom its ironing. Do her a huge, amazing favor by offering to do this particular chore for an entire week. Hopefully her least favorite chore and your least favorite isn’t the same!

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How 'Helicopter Parents' Are Actually Setting Their Children Back in Life

Parents just want the best for their kids. They care about their child’s mental and physical well being and just want them to be happy and successful. However, in the last few years there have been an increasing number of parents who take their caring and concern to a new level even after their child has left home. A college student’s parents may no longer be physically present in his or her daily life, but that does not mean that certain parents are any less involved. Parents are making themselves known to their college student’s professors, advisers, counselors, and even the school president. President of Frostburg State University, Jonathan Gibralter, says he has actually had parents call him directly to complain about fights between their child and his or her roommate, rather than just advising their child to speak with a resident adviser. 

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These “helicopter parents” are always going to bat for their children, pushing them to succeed, and constantly advocating for them, however, in the cloud of their concern and protectiveness, many of these parents fail to see the harm it can actually cause. While a certain level of parental involvement may help boost a student’s confidence and keep them on the right track, too much involvement sets them back. If a child learns to depend on his or her parents for everything and never learn to do anything for themselves, they are much less likely to flourish with their new found independence. 

Results from recent studies have shown that over-parenting tends to decrease a child’s coping skills, their sense of accomplishment and ability to be independent, as well as their ability to deal with the workplace. Students who call or text their parents constantly and depend on them to assist in all their decision-making processes are more likely to have trouble adapting to their new environment and may quickly become homesick. 

The author of a recent article on the subject gave an example of a female student whose parents actually did all of her papers and homework throughout her college career, so she would graduate with an extremely high GPA. Unfortunately, when she graduated and entered into a career, she suffered from terrible anxiety and would experience an anxiety attack anytime she was met with a challenging problem or situation.

While letting go proves extremely difficult for any parent, but for the sake of the child it is crucial to find a balance of how involved you’re going to be once they go to college. After you say your goodbyes at the dorm, it is important to give your child the little push they need to learn how to deal with the changes coming at them and properly adjust to their new environment. This doesn’t mean you can never intervene or should be concerned if they call twice a day for the first two weeks “just to say hi”, however, try to resist the urge to hover or swoop in and take control every time they have a dilemma. This may even mean discouraging them to come home at all for the first month of college or learning how to text sometimes instead of always call. 

But psychologists aren't suggesting parents should kick their child to the curb after high school and never intervene, either. They are simply recommending parents set boundaries around their level of interference to find the right balance that helps the child blossom in their new setting without feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or isolated.

The best way for parents to figure out what will work and not work with their teen is to sit down as a family and have an honest conversation about how the aspiring college student wants their experience to go, how the parents can help and support them, and how involved the child wants them to be- before the start of their freshman year. Actually leaving home and making the transition to college may change some new students’ minds about certain things as well, so when they come home for their winter break after their first semester, sit down with them again and have the same conversation to see how everything is going and determine if any changes need to be made.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

15 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day That Are Better Than Flowers

You’ve been getting your mom the same flowers and scented candle every year since you were 8, and every year she smiles, acts surprised, and tells you how much she loves her gift. I’m positive she isn’t lying, most moms love any gift from their children and truly believe it is the thought that counts- but wouldn’t it be nice to do something different this year? This year Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th, giving you just over a month to find the perfect gift to make her feel really special and show her how much you love her. However, sometimes finding a gift that she really loves, doesn’t already have and also doesn’t break the bank can feel impossible. But, it is never too early to start planning and listed below are 15 ideas to help you get started.

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 1. Starbucks “Recharge and Renew” Gift Set
For the coffee lover, reward her with a fancy and delicious gift set from Starbucks. 

2. Lavender wreath
Instead of getting her another Yankee candle this year, mix it up with a beautiful, scented wreath that doubles as a “candle” and a decoration. 

3. Personalized wall art
If your mom loves to decorate and fill up all the blank wall space in her home, wall art personalized to her style or family will be sure to make her very happy this Mother’s Day.

 4. Customized mug  
If your mom drinks coffee as much as mine, this gift will surely get plenty of use. Make her smile each morning (even more than the coffee itself does) when she drinks her cup of coffee in a funny or sweet customized mug.

5. Netflix or Amazon Instant account
If your parents don’t already have a Netflix or Amazon Instant account, definitely use this holiday to change that. Once they experience Saturday nights with an Instant Movie account they will wonder how they ever went without one. 

6. Comfy robe and matching slippers
Help her relax and unwind after a long day by providing her with a super comfy robe and fuzzy slippers to wear while sipping from her customized mug or watching her favorite show on her new Netflix account. 

7. Humorous t-shirt or sweatshirt
Make her laugh with a t-shirt and sweatshirt that says something every mom can smile about and relate to.

8. Red velvet and chocolate cake pops
If she has a sweet tooth, skip the chocolate this year and let her indulge in some seriously (and dangerously) rich cake pops.

 9. A customized apron and cooking supplies
For the full time mom, part time chef, make sure she’s equipped with the best supplies when tackling a new recipe.

 10. A “Wine of the Month” subscription 
What do moms love more than chocolate? Wine. Make Mother’s Day a reoccurring event with a new wine bottle delivered to her home each month hand picked by experts based off her her taste and preferences.

 11. A few books from her favorite genre
If she likes to unwind at the end of the night with a good book, go to the bookstore and buy her a few books from her favorite genre that she hasn’t already read but you know she’ll love. 

12. Yoga pants and matching yoga mat
For the athletic mom, surprise her this Mother’s Day with a chic new workout outfit and yoga mat to match.

 13. “World’s Most Badass Mom” key chain
Admit it, your mom is pretty bad ass so this key chain is just a humorous way to let her (and the world) know you think so.

14. A handmade card
Handmade cards don’t stop being special when you get older, especially to your mom. So instead of letting Hallmark do the talking, put your feelings into your own words this year and make a card from scratch. Hearing how special she is to you or how thankful you are for her in your own words means so much to her, on this day or any other.

 15. A Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook
If she’s a technology lover and open to trying new things, show her the world of reading on a tablet with a Kindle or Nook.

ONCEKids Publishing is run by literacy advocate and Mompreneur Eileen Wacker.  Click here to find her acclaimed books