Friday, December 19, 2014

This Video Compilation of Puppy Presents on Christmas Morning Will Make Your Day

What child or dog lover hasn’t dreamed about getting a puppy on Christmas morning? I know i certainly have. This video shows a compilation of people getting surprised on Christmas morning with that ultimate dream and their reactions are priceless. 

The clips will warm your heart and just might make you tear up a little bit, so get those tissues ready. Parents and spouses be wary, this video might make your kids or significant other add a puppy to their Christmas wish list!

Click below to watch the adorable video:

Anonymous “Layaway Angel” Shocks Toys R Us Customers with an Incredible Random Act of Kindness

A mystery woman in Bellingham, Massachusetts has shown over one hundred Christmas shoppers the true meaning behind the Christmas spirit this year. An anonymous shopper gave 150 people the gift of Christmas when she paid their layaway accounts at Toys R Us in full, a holiday act of cheer that totaled over $20,000 in merchandise. 

Toys R Us reported that the incredible display of generosity occurred last Wednesday afternoon a woman came in the store and asked to pay off every outstanding account, wishing to remain anonymous. Toys R Us shoppers, including Emily Burlingame, were overjoyed and shocked when they came in to pay their layaway balances and discovered what the Layaway Angel had done. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Walgreens Manager Restores Mom’s Faith in Christmas With This Act of Kindness

Christmas has always been a time for being generous and thinking of others, doing random acts of kindness, and just generally participating in the holiday spirit, but mom Holly Cooper says this year she had been feeling a little “Grinch-y” and just ready for the holidays to be over, until last week when she was at the local Walgreens with her children and two employees restored her faith in the holidays and the Christmas spirit. 

Cooper’s son, Jesse, is five years old and according to the Alabama mom, has struggled with behavioral control in the past. She thinks back to a time when not getting what he wanted in a store meant losing his temper and tantrums, but after lots of positive parenting techniques and patience, this store trip proved to be different. After Jesse spotted a toy he wanted to bring home with him, his mother nicely told him no. 

Copper reports, “I said, ‘Listen, I don’t have any money for toys today, and you don’t have any money. So what are we going to do?’ And, he was really thinking about it-thinking hard-and he says, ‘We should leave it up front for Santa.” 

So Jesse followed his mom to the front of the store and, through some tears, bravely and politely asked the cashier if he can leave the toy up front for Santa. The cashier, Connie Cave, remembers being touched and moved by the little boy’s genuine sadness, so she assured him that she would put a tag on the toy and keep it in a safe place for Santa to pick up. But Connie wanted to do more for Jesse than just that, so after he and his mother left the store she approached her manager, Tiffany Thomason, and told her what happened. Tiffany too, immediately wanted to buy the toy for Jesse. So she wrapped the toy up and wrote Jesse a letter from Santa encouraging him to be patient and to always praise his mother. As a mother herself, she says she truly believes encouraging other parents is one of the most important things you can do for one another. 

Cooper says when she returned to the store later that day to pick up the toy, she couldn’t believe that complete strangers had been so kind and thoughtful to her son. She says she was so moved by their actions that her holiday spirit has been completed restored and that what she is the most touched by is how her son got to witness some true Christmas magic first hand. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Gifts For Mom This Christmas for Under $50

Getting a Christmas present for Mom can be a challenge; finding a unique gift for such an important person in your life definitely takes a lot of time and thought. However, with Christmas only 13 days away, time to find that perfect gift is running out. Thankfully, Rebecka Schumann from International Business Times has crafted a list of 10 unique and special gifts for Mom this holiday season, all of which are under $50. Another feature that sets this list apart from others is that the gift ideas are broken down into categories depending on her hobbies and personality. Scroll below to see Rebecka Schumann’s original list of 10 Christmas gift ideas for Mom:

1. For the Homebody: Victoria’s Secret Sleepover Knit Pajama Set- $39.50
What homebody wouldn't love a comfy new pair of pajamas?

2. For the Makeup Lover: Lori Greiner Spinning Cosmetic Organizer- $39.99
Makeup can be so hard to keep track of, so help Mom keep her collection together with this new spinning organizer. 

3. For the Writer: The Q&A A Day 5-Year Journal from Barnes and Noble: $16.99
Give the writer in your family this new writing challenge as a gift this holiday season. The journal asks a different question for each day of the year, repeating the same questions over the course of the next 5 years. It is a unique and creative way to in writing how things change (or don't) over time!

4. For the Gardener: Butterfly Puddler, $40.00
Made from recycled glass and homemade stoneware, this unique product the natural minerals from dried up water to attract wild butterflies to Mom's garden. 

5. For the Athlete: The WeGo Elite Activity Tracker- $39.99
This product is similar to the popular FitBit but without spending all the money. The WeGo includes a 30-day memory and the ability to track calories, fat burn, distance, and steps.

6. For the New Mom: the Wet Brush Detangling comb- $8.99
As anyone who is or has been a new Mom knows that they are constantly on the go, leaving very little extra time for anything, especially styling their hair. Make their busy life move a little faster with the new detangling comb from Wet Brush.

7. For the Person Who Has Everything: Visit $25.00
These people can be the most difficult to buy for of all. When asked about a gift they would want they can't come up with any ideas and when you brainstorm, you can't really either. So leave it up to Just fill out information about your Mom and her hobbies and this site will send an awesome gift handpicked just for her. 

8. For the World Traveler: Scratch Map from $20.00
This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel or has traveled a lot already. The map comes with coins that allow you to scratch off all the countries you have visited.

9. For the Reader: membership to $45.00
Busy moms know that it is hard to find time to curl up with your favorite book, so help her keep reading with a subscription to, a site that provides hundreds of audiobooks that can be downloaded to iTunes for listening on the go.

10. For the DIY Queen: Lorran Oils Lip Balm Making Kit, $34.95
If your mom is glued to Pinterest or loves making everything from scratch, this is definitely the perfect gift for her. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Houston Texans Receiver Drops $16,000 To Give Children the Christmas of Their Dreams

Amongst all the negativity surrounding the league this year, It is so refreshing to hear a story about an NFL player using his wealth and status for good, especially during this time of year. For the third consecutive year, Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson has given needy children the Christmas of their dreams by taking them to Toys R Us for an unlimited shopping spree. 

This has become a holiday tradition for Johnson, who says the idea came to him a few years ago when he decided he wanted to do something special for kids who aren’t used to getting many Christmas presents, if any at all. And the cost of giving these children a Christmas to remember is not a concern of his, giving the children 80 seconds to pick out any and every toy they can get their hands on and then paying out of his own pocket for the entire thing. And on top of that, each child also gets to pick out a game console of their choice! 

The most important part about Christmas is spreading the Christmas spirit of generosity and giving, and Johnson is a wonderful example of what Christmas is really all about. 

Scroll below to see the touching photos from this year's giveaway:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 Ways To Use Up All Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

So you hosted a kick-a** Thanksgiving dinner like the awesome host you knew you could be, but November has ended, the Christmas and Hanukkah season has begun and you have a fridge full of leftovers. You begged your relatives to take those pies and mashed potatoes home but you just can’t seem to get rid of all that turkey! This is the boat that all our generous dinner hosts seem to find themselves in the week following the food-filled holiday, but it seems like such a shame to throw perfectly good food in the garbage. Luckily, there are a lot of chefs out there who have the same problem and have come up with a list of delicious and easy ways to use up all your leftovers, especially the turkey. So if you’re having trouble fitting anything into your post-Thanksgiving filled fridge, make some room with these recipe ideas:

1. Turkey & Bacon Panini with Chipotle Mayo

This easy to make sandwich makes a perfect lunch meal that the whole family will love!

2. Turkey Pot Pie

A spin on the classic chicken pot pie that is perfect for these cold winter days

3. Open Faced Turkey Sandwich

Also a classic, and my favorite, this sandwich uses up more than just turkey. Pile on mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, gravy and whatever else you may like. 

4. Turkey Salad

A healthy way to use up those leftovers!

5. Turkey Vegetable Soup

Another recipe perfect for the holiday season!

6. Cheddar Turkey Casserole

Turkey, pasta, and veggies in a cheesy sauce? Yes please!

7. Club-style Turkey Enchiladas

This creative and delicious dish involves bacon, swiss, and left over turkey-yum!

8. Turkey Fettuccine 

For pasta lovers, this is a perfect way to use up leftovers in a simple but delicious way

9. Turkey Focaccia Club

This Panera-esque sandwich is amazing not just for turkey leftovers, but any day of the year

10. Turkey Ramen

Chef Edward Lee’s signature blend of Southern and Asian flavors is sure to win the approval of your family this holiday season.