Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Arts Are Ready to Explode in China

A survey of 70,000 prospective students in 201 countries, conducted by the British Council, revealed that media studies and creative arts are becoming more and more popular among overseas students

These findings were most common in China. So what is driving this new trend? Students are being influenced by the huge changes in the People's Republic with the explosion of popular culture and frequent discoveries of new pop stars and artists. 

Despite the growing trend, Chinese people find it challenging to study media in their own country due to the lack of development of this subject in higher education. Chinese students are turning to Britain and the US because universities provide such programs. 

For the UK especially this is an important trend. British fashion, music, and film are also factors which spark the interest of the young Chinese population; young wealthy Chinese students are among the most fashionable. They dress with flair and love the nightlife. 

Career opportunities also play a role in the decision to receive a British or American university education. The internet is key in the inspiration, research, and final decision of where to pursue a higher education for young people.  According to Pat Killingley, the British Council's director of higher education, the internet is the number one source of information for young people, particularly China.