Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The 63rd Annual Exhibition of Shosoin Treasures attracts Global Audience Oct 20-Nov 14

The 63rd Annual Exhibition of Shosoin Treasures will be open at the Nara National Museum through November 14th for the general public at the price of 1,000 Yen. Each year the Shosion show's average visitor numbers top that of any other Japanese exhibition.  If compared to other exhibitions around the world, it would most likely beat them too. 

The show consists of breath taking treasures dating back to 756 C.E. when Empress Komoyo donated them to Todaiji Temple. This temple, located in Nara, is famous for its massive statue of Buddha. The treasures stayed within this temple for over a millennium, remaining unscathed despite the many earthquakes, gruesome wars, and aging from time itself. Emperor Shomu, the husband of the Empress Komoyo, spent much time collecting the many treasures until his death. Grief stricken by her loss, the Empress sent the treasures away, so they would not trigger the memories of their once happy times together. 

The treasures still remain alive and cherished by many, especially during the time of October 20th to November 14th when they are open so everyone can appreciate their beauty. 

Please appreciate more information about their famous love story and event here.