Friday, June 27, 2014

The Funniest Tampon Commercial You’ll Ever Watch

Most people would agree that the tween years are just full of awkwardness- which includes a changing body, and often times an attitude to go along with it. Hello Flo, a start up that delivers monthly care packages of “ladies’ day” products recently released a commercial highlighting these awkward years and putting a light, humorous spin on it. And it worked. The funny ad has blown up across social media networks including YouTube, with over 21 million views in just a week (!). 

The clip, titled “First Moon Party”, opens with a young girl jealous of all her female friends who have entered womanhood while she is still patiently awaiting the arrival of her right of passage. Her patience has run out and she fakes her period, red nail polish and all. Her friends buy the scheme but, of course, her mother sees right through it. To get back at her for her lies (and mostly her attitude), Mom decides to throw her growing daughter a “First Moon Party” to embarrass her into finally admitting the truth. 

The commercial perfectly captures the struggle many women were familiar with during those years and is pretty hilarious. Until watching this, I never knew a tampon commercial could be so entertaining.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pantene Empowerment Ad Nails Why Women Should Stop Apologizing

Pantene’s recent commercial titled, “Not Sorry, Shine Strong”, caught my attention before I even watched it. But once I finally sat down and watched what everyone was talking about, my thoughts weren’t on shampoo- but of the undeniable truth behind the advertisement. 

Squeezed into a tiny minute long commercial contained an issue much greater than hair products. It describes how women are always apologizing for things like asking a question or when someone else bumps your arm. But why? Why do women feel like they owe the world an apology for every joke, every inquiry, every request? 

Jessica Bennett from TIME describes it perfectly when she says that women use sorry as a crutch. They put it in front of a request so they don’t seem to demanding or aggressive. It’s a way of women saying something they aren’t totally sure the other person wants to hear without seeming completely rude or unintelligent, such as when they ask a “stupid question.” 

But when it comes to work apologies, we aren’t actually sorry for that question or request. We just think it makes us seem more polite, approachable, and less threatening. Maybe it makes us sound more polite, but does it make us sound more competent? Like someone who has earned their position at work and should be taken seriously? Not so much. Women need to stop apologizing and start sounding more confident with their words, needs, and questions- and as the Pantene ad says, “let their strength shine through.”

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 “Not Sorry, Shine Strong”

Sunday, June 22, 2014

24 Examples of When Kids Make Parenting Hilarious

Parenting is way less stressful when parents keep their senses of humor, but sometimes it’s hard not to laugh when kids can do and say such funny things.

 Below are some examples of the hilarious things kids do caught on camera.

1. Smile for Mommy, kids!

2. Now this is teamwork

3. Some kids need to be taught the dangers of drinking and driving early...

4. Wonder what her teacher is going to say about this one

5. As they say, boys will be boys

6. Looks like someone got into the Nutella again

7. "Are you sure your mom signed this?"

8. He wanted it to be more realistic

9. Pizza night started to go wrong when he showed up

10. This kid tells it like it is

11. She really wanted that toy

12. Mom was only gone for two minutes

13. "I'm technically doing what you said!"

14. He's still working on his problem solving skills

15. Seems logical enough

16. No one tells this kid what to do, not even Snow White

17. At least he's honest

18. I want to befriend this little girl

19. He is serious about this 

20. This kid needs to work on his hide and seek game

21. I don't think he's gonna find what he's looking for

22. He has his father down perfectly

23. Future chef in the kitchen

24. Just Chillin

Sunday, June 15, 2014

12 Parents Who Make Parenting a Little Less Stressful with Humor

Parenting can be stressful but sometimes it’s just a little easier when you have a good sense of humor and don’t sweat the small stuff. These parents are awesome examples of people whose sense of humor through parenting is admirable.

1. These parents who wanted to keep their girls' imaginations strong so each night they did this:

2. The parents who put a light-hearted spin on "boredom"

3. How these parents deal with bickering siblings

4. At least these parents have each other

5. You think she's kidding...

6. Don't misbehave or you'll have to pick a chore from the "Uh Oh" Jar

7. This mom who is still working on her texting

8. These parents who know how to adapt to changing times

9. This dad

10. How these parents take care of missing curfew

11. Christmas is no exception for this funny dad

12. This dad shows how parents still like to jump on the bed too

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dove's #RealDadMoments Shows the Touching and Special Side of Fatherhood

Just in time for Father’s Day, Dove made a very touching video celebrating and honoring how special and important Fathers are throughout our lives. Including everything from comforting a child after a nightmare to coming to rescue a teen with a broken down car, the moving commercial highlights all the aspects of fatherhood and all the times our Dads were there when we needed them- and it couldn’t be more beautiful. Get your tissues ready (and your phone because you’re probably going to want to call or text him right after watching this)! 

What Dad Really Doesn't Want This Father's Day

With Father’s Day just a few days away, Dads are eagerly awaiting their day of dedication and appreciation, and while all different methods of appreciation are, well appreciated, there are some that are getting just a little repetitive. While ties and greeting cards are still cherished because they came from his children, surprise him this holiday by getting creative. Don’t forget, a special gift doesn’t necessarily mean it came with a large price tag. 

So we asked real dads what they want most this Father’s Day- and what they would rather have a thing of the past. 

Here are their responses of what they would like to see stay in last year's father's day gift pile:

1. An "expensive dinner out in my honor- and with my wallet."

2. A "high tech gadget that I won’t actually use."

3. Funny underwear, a t-shirt, or a tie- chances are my opportunities to wear a shirt that my son found hilarious are going to be pretty limited. 

4. Concert tickets for a band that shouldn’t be doing concerts anymore- "If they were popular when I was a teenager, I probably am not interested in seeing one of their concerts any time in this decade."

5. A gift certificate for anything spa related- "I’m not sure how this comes to a surprise to some people but being “pampered” in any way that involves driving to a salon or spa is not something I am terribly excited about." 

6. Novelty golf balls- "any man who takes golf seriously would much prefer to pick out his own brand or type of golf balls, free from monograms or Disney characters on the front." 

7. Anything that involves a grill- "most men are proud of their grills and grill skills but that doesn’t mean that every Father’s Day he wants a meat thermometer or a grilling mitt." 

8. A greeting card that sings when you open it- "we don’t like opening cards and being startled by the sudden burst of obnoxious music nor do we find it “cute” or “amusing”, so save yourself $6 and make us a card by hand."

9. A coffee pot- "I’ve been using my good old coffee pot since college and don’t feel the need for a new, high tech one that is just going to confuse me every morning when I’m already rushing out the door."

10. A video camera- "my smart phone camera works just fine for the 2 videos I take a year, save your pennies and avoid splurging on any sort of camera."

Friday, June 6, 2014

What Dad Really Wants on Father's Day

This Father’s Day get your dad something he’ll really love. The cute cards and funny ties worked for a few years but now I think it’s time to consider changing things up. When we asked real fathers what they want for Father’s Day, they were not shy about sharing their true feelings. Of course they always liked the ties and cards because they were made with love by his children, but there are plenty of more creative ideas out there to honor and acknowledge your dad. So use their advice to ensure he gets the gift that he really wants this year. 

1. Instead of more family time, maybe a day with some family FREE time.

2. A quick breakfast in bed followed by an invitation to spend the day on the golf course solo or with friends (with no strings attached!).

3. A trip to the mall where the only shops gone into are the ones of his choice.

4. A day on the boat with a fishing pole and a 6-pack.

5. An uninterrupted couch session with the game or his favorite show.

6. A delicious dinner that he doesn’t have to do any work for (whether it is homemade or dinner out)

7. Surprise him by washing his car and/or doing some of the yard work he’s been putting off.

8. A gift card to his favorite “toy store” aka books, tools, fishing gear, electronics, and so on. This way he can have the freedom to pick out exactly what he wants or needs.

9. Is Dad a movie lover? How about a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Play where he can sit down, relax, and order that movie he’s been wanting to see but hasn’t had time for. 

10. A course or trip. Is there an activity that he’s always wanted to try? Sign him up for a fly fishing class or scuba diving course. Maybe he wants to go kayaking or even bungee jumping (don’t get too crazy!). Maybe you can even sign yourself up and you can do it together.

11. A Beer Gift Basket. There is nothing that says relaxing after a long day at work like an ice cold beer. Find out exactly what he likes and put together a gift basket made up of all his favorites.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Man or Woman, Everyone Needs to Read These #YesAllWomen Tweets

Anyone who is a part of the social media world has probably at least heard of the #YesAllWomen tweets. The tweets are trending all over the internet, so they’ve most likely popped up on your Facebook newsfeed or been posted about by your friends. But on the off chance you haven’t yet heard of these tweets or have but haven’t read any of them- I definitely encourage you to do so. 

Sparked by the brutal killings of 6 women and injuries to 13 by Elliot Roger, fueled by his sexual hatred and misogyny, the #YesAllWomen hashtag has gone viral. It’s purpose has been to report or support issues of sexual hatred, fear, harassment, and sexual assault. 

The tweets evoke a whole host of emotions- anger, inspiration, motivation, sadness, determination, support, and more. They are shocking, moving, and most of all eye opening. The subject and sheer number of responses has caused worldwide attention, provoking both support as well as controversy. Whether you are a male or a female, these tweets will undoubtedly speak to you and benefit you. And if you are a parent of either sons or daughters, these tweets can be really important when moving forward teaching your children about respect and equality. 

Here is a list of some if the many tweets I found to be most powerful:










To read more about the #YesAllWomen movement, visit their FaceBook page

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