Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Man or Woman, Everyone Needs to Read These #YesAllWomen Tweets

Anyone who is a part of the social media world has probably at least heard of the #YesAllWomen tweets. The tweets are trending all over the internet, so they’ve most likely popped up on your Facebook newsfeed or been posted about by your friends. But on the off chance you haven’t yet heard of these tweets or have but haven’t read any of them- I definitely encourage you to do so. 

Sparked by the brutal killings of 6 women and injuries to 13 by Elliot Roger, fueled by his sexual hatred and misogyny, the #YesAllWomen hashtag has gone viral. It’s purpose has been to report or support issues of sexual hatred, fear, harassment, and sexual assault. 

The tweets evoke a whole host of emotions- anger, inspiration, motivation, sadness, determination, support, and more. They are shocking, moving, and most of all eye opening. The subject and sheer number of responses has caused worldwide attention, provoking both support as well as controversy. Whether you are a male or a female, these tweets will undoubtedly speak to you and benefit you. And if you are a parent of either sons or daughters, these tweets can be really important when moving forward teaching your children about respect and equality. 

Here is a list of some if the many tweets I found to be most powerful:










To read more about the #YesAllWomen movement, visit their FaceBook page

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