Sunday, June 22, 2014

24 Examples of When Kids Make Parenting Hilarious

Parenting is way less stressful when parents keep their senses of humor, but sometimes it’s hard not to laugh when kids can do and say such funny things.

 Below are some examples of the hilarious things kids do caught on camera.

1. Smile for Mommy, kids!

2. Now this is teamwork

3. Some kids need to be taught the dangers of drinking and driving early...

4. Wonder what her teacher is going to say about this one

5. As they say, boys will be boys

6. Looks like someone got into the Nutella again

7. "Are you sure your mom signed this?"

8. He wanted it to be more realistic

9. Pizza night started to go wrong when he showed up

10. This kid tells it like it is

11. She really wanted that toy

12. Mom was only gone for two minutes

13. "I'm technically doing what you said!"

14. He's still working on his problem solving skills

15. Seems logical enough

16. No one tells this kid what to do, not even Snow White

17. At least he's honest

18. I want to befriend this little girl

19. He is serious about this 

20. This kid needs to work on his hide and seek game

21. I don't think he's gonna find what he's looking for

22. He has his father down perfectly

23. Future chef in the kitchen

24. Just Chillin

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