Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Dad Really Doesn't Want This Father's Day

With Father’s Day just a few days away, Dads are eagerly awaiting their day of dedication and appreciation, and while all different methods of appreciation are, well appreciated, there are some that are getting just a little repetitive. While ties and greeting cards are still cherished because they came from his children, surprise him this holiday by getting creative. Don’t forget, a special gift doesn’t necessarily mean it came with a large price tag. 

So we asked real dads what they want most this Father’s Day- and what they would rather have a thing of the past. 

Here are their responses of what they would like to see stay in last year's father's day gift pile:

1. An "expensive dinner out in my honor- and with my wallet."

2. A "high tech gadget that I won’t actually use."

3. Funny underwear, a t-shirt, or a tie- chances are my opportunities to wear a shirt that my son found hilarious are going to be pretty limited. 

4. Concert tickets for a band that shouldn’t be doing concerts anymore- "If they were popular when I was a teenager, I probably am not interested in seeing one of their concerts any time in this decade."

5. A gift certificate for anything spa related- "I’m not sure how this comes to a surprise to some people but being “pampered” in any way that involves driving to a salon or spa is not something I am terribly excited about." 

6. Novelty golf balls- "any man who takes golf seriously would much prefer to pick out his own brand or type of golf balls, free from monograms or Disney characters on the front." 

7. Anything that involves a grill- "most men are proud of their grills and grill skills but that doesn’t mean that every Father’s Day he wants a meat thermometer or a grilling mitt." 

8. A greeting card that sings when you open it- "we don’t like opening cards and being startled by the sudden burst of obnoxious music nor do we find it “cute” or “amusing”, so save yourself $6 and make us a card by hand."

9. A coffee pot- "I’ve been using my good old coffee pot since college and don’t feel the need for a new, high tech one that is just going to confuse me every morning when I’m already rushing out the door."

10. A video camera- "my smart phone camera works just fine for the 2 videos I take a year, save your pennies and avoid splurging on any sort of camera."

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