Friday, June 6, 2014

What Dad Really Wants on Father's Day

This Father’s Day get your dad something he’ll really love. The cute cards and funny ties worked for a few years but now I think it’s time to consider changing things up. When we asked real fathers what they want for Father’s Day, they were not shy about sharing their true feelings. Of course they always liked the ties and cards because they were made with love by his children, but there are plenty of more creative ideas out there to honor and acknowledge your dad. So use their advice to ensure he gets the gift that he really wants this year. 

1. Instead of more family time, maybe a day with some family FREE time.

2. A quick breakfast in bed followed by an invitation to spend the day on the golf course solo or with friends (with no strings attached!).

3. A trip to the mall where the only shops gone into are the ones of his choice.

4. A day on the boat with a fishing pole and a 6-pack.

5. An uninterrupted couch session with the game or his favorite show.

6. A delicious dinner that he doesn’t have to do any work for (whether it is homemade or dinner out)

7. Surprise him by washing his car and/or doing some of the yard work he’s been putting off.

8. A gift card to his favorite “toy store” aka books, tools, fishing gear, electronics, and so on. This way he can have the freedom to pick out exactly what he wants or needs.

9. Is Dad a movie lover? How about a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Play where he can sit down, relax, and order that movie he’s been wanting to see but hasn’t had time for. 

10. A course or trip. Is there an activity that he’s always wanted to try? Sign him up for a fly fishing class or scuba diving course. Maybe he wants to go kayaking or even bungee jumping (don’t get too crazy!). Maybe you can even sign yourself up and you can do it together.

11. A Beer Gift Basket. There is nothing that says relaxing after a long day at work like an ice cold beer. Find out exactly what he likes and put together a gift basket made up of all his favorites.


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