Friday, June 27, 2014

The Funniest Tampon Commercial You’ll Ever Watch

Most people would agree that the tween years are just full of awkwardness- which includes a changing body, and often times an attitude to go along with it. Hello Flo, a start up that delivers monthly care packages of “ladies’ day” products recently released a commercial highlighting these awkward years and putting a light, humorous spin on it. And it worked. The funny ad has blown up across social media networks including YouTube, with over 21 million views in just a week (!). 

The clip, titled “First Moon Party”, opens with a young girl jealous of all her female friends who have entered womanhood while she is still patiently awaiting the arrival of her right of passage. Her patience has run out and she fakes her period, red nail polish and all. Her friends buy the scheme but, of course, her mother sees right through it. To get back at her for her lies (and mostly her attitude), Mom decides to throw her growing daughter a “First Moon Party” to embarrass her into finally admitting the truth. 

The commercial perfectly captures the struggle many women were familiar with during those years and is pretty hilarious. Until watching this, I never knew a tampon commercial could be so entertaining.

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