Friday, April 10, 2015

15 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day That Are Better Than Flowers

You’ve been getting your mom the same flowers and scented candle every year since you were 8, and every year she smiles, acts surprised, and tells you how much she loves her gift. I’m positive she isn’t lying, most moms love any gift from their children and truly believe it is the thought that counts- but wouldn’t it be nice to do something different this year? This year Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th, giving you just over a month to find the perfect gift to make her feel really special and show her how much you love her. However, sometimes finding a gift that she really loves, doesn’t already have and also doesn’t break the bank can feel impossible. But, it is never too early to start planning and listed below are 15 ideas to help you get started.

ONCEKids Publishing is run by literacy advocate and Mompreneur Eileen Wacker.  Click here to find her acclaimed books

 1. Starbucks “Recharge and Renew” Gift Set
For the coffee lover, reward her with a fancy and delicious gift set from Starbucks. 

2. Lavender wreath
Instead of getting her another Yankee candle this year, mix it up with a beautiful, scented wreath that doubles as a “candle” and a decoration. 

3. Personalized wall art
If your mom loves to decorate and fill up all the blank wall space in her home, wall art personalized to her style or family will be sure to make her very happy this Mother’s Day.

 4. Customized mug  
If your mom drinks coffee as much as mine, this gift will surely get plenty of use. Make her smile each morning (even more than the coffee itself does) when she drinks her cup of coffee in a funny or sweet customized mug.

5. Netflix or Amazon Instant account
If your parents don’t already have a Netflix or Amazon Instant account, definitely use this holiday to change that. Once they experience Saturday nights with an Instant Movie account they will wonder how they ever went without one. 

6. Comfy robe and matching slippers
Help her relax and unwind after a long day by providing her with a super comfy robe and fuzzy slippers to wear while sipping from her customized mug or watching her favorite show on her new Netflix account. 

7. Humorous t-shirt or sweatshirt
Make her laugh with a t-shirt and sweatshirt that says something every mom can smile about and relate to.

8. Red velvet and chocolate cake pops
If she has a sweet tooth, skip the chocolate this year and let her indulge in some seriously (and dangerously) rich cake pops.

 9. A customized apron and cooking supplies
For the full time mom, part time chef, make sure she’s equipped with the best supplies when tackling a new recipe.

 10. A “Wine of the Month” subscription 
What do moms love more than chocolate? Wine. Make Mother’s Day a reoccurring event with a new wine bottle delivered to her home each month hand picked by experts based off her her taste and preferences.

 11. A few books from her favorite genre
If she likes to unwind at the end of the night with a good book, go to the bookstore and buy her a few books from her favorite genre that she hasn’t already read but you know she’ll love. 

12. Yoga pants and matching yoga mat
For the athletic mom, surprise her this Mother’s Day with a chic new workout outfit and yoga mat to match.

 13. “World’s Most Badass Mom” key chain
Admit it, your mom is pretty bad ass so this key chain is just a humorous way to let her (and the world) know you think so.

14. A handmade card
Handmade cards don’t stop being special when you get older, especially to your mom. So instead of letting Hallmark do the talking, put your feelings into your own words this year and make a card from scratch. Hearing how special she is to you or how thankful you are for her in your own words means so much to her, on this day or any other.

 15. A Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook
If she’s a technology lover and open to trying new things, show her the world of reading on a tablet with a Kindle or Nook.

ONCEKids Publishing is run by literacy advocate and Mompreneur Eileen Wacker.  Click here to find her acclaimed books

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