Thursday, November 21, 2013

23-Year-Old Snapchat Founder Turns Down $4 Billion For His Idea: Is He Brilliant or Just Insane?

Is he the most brilliant entrepreneur ever or a crazy man? That is the question everyone is asking after news that the co-founder of Snapchat turned down the deal of a lifetime.

Only a few years ago, Evan Spiegal was your average college student, but since then the now 23-year-old has turned a hobby into a world-wide phenomenon. 

His interest in designing software started in high school when developing video game emulators grew into building and designing websites for friends.
Spiegal's hobbies showed his obvious talents and his interest in the subject only continued to grow into college.

The revolutionary smartphone app was created out of an idea between Spiegal and his frat boy buddies. They were brainstorming a way you could share pictures and then have them disappear into cyberspace without having to save or delete them. 

The unique concept, which can be thought of as essentially texting through pictures, has become an overnight sensation for smartphone users. Whether it's snapping pictures of funny faces or what they're having for dinner that night, people of all ages are getting hooked. 

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This popularity has led Spiegal to believe that Snapchat has a lot farther to climb and a promising future ahead, so much so that he turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook
for the app. Not only that, but he then proceeded to turn down a second offer from Google for $4 billion! He stands by his decision, positive that Snapchat will one day be capable of being an industry of its own. You almost have to admire his confidence! 

Again, we ask ourselves- brilliant or crazy? I guess only time will be able to tell if the young businessman was correct in standing by his idea or if he should have taken the money while his app was still in high demand.

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