Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gain "Best Boyfriend or Husband Ever" Status this Christmas (Part two)

It's never been a secret that shopping for the opposite gender can be difficult at times, especially for those men who may not be experts in the shopping department. But like we discussed in the first part of this two-part series, as long as you go to the mall with some ideas, fresh perspective, and knowledge of her sizes- it's not as bad as it seems (even if the mall is a zoo!). The hardest part of christmas shopping for your significant other isn't just getting organized and getting to the mall, its getting the creative ideas in the first place. 

And that is where we come in! For someone who struggles with coming up with unique and creative ideas or someone who has been buying for the same person for a long time, coming up with an awesome gift can seem like the ultimate challenge. But we have gathered together a list of ideas that will guarantee you'll be giving yourself a pat on the back this Christmas morning. So hands off the lingerie, step away from Victoria's Secret, and listen up!

1. Ipad Mini Retina
The original Ipad Mini was pretty awesome, but now loaded with a jaw-dropping retina display  and high end A7 and M7 processors, the updated one is even cooler. So if you have a tech-lover for a wife or girlfriend, you might want to head over to your local Apple store for this Christmas.

2. Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna 
For anyone hitched to a chef or someone who loves to cook, look no further! This unique knife is definitely the next trendy item to have in the kitchen. The strong, curved blade slices through herbs and vegetables with speed, accuracy, and efficiency and will have them whipping up delicious dishes in no time (so this is a gift you'll love too!)

3. Pantone Coffee Maker 
Now this is a present I would love to have under my tree! And if the woman in your life loves coffee as much as I do- this would be the perfect gift for her as well. The small coffee maker isn't just stylish, but also comes with a variety of cup-size options, ranging from a three-cup version to a nine-cup version. 

4. Apple iPhone 5S
Not much has to be said about this suggestion! All of the buzz on the Internet and from your friends speaks for itself. Next to the upcoming updated Samsung Galaxy, this is the most talked about phone of 2013. Equip with metallic casings and other ridiculously cool features, the new version of the iPhone 5 is flying of the shelves this Christmas, so if you want one in your wife's stocking this year you'd better get to the nearest Verizon ASAP. 

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5. Housecleaning services
Wait, a maid for Christmas? This is definitely one of the more unique gift ideas I came across but when I gave it some thought this is actually an excellent idea for a present. If your wife hates cleaning as much as I do, buying her a package for a housecleaning service will allow her to relax and put her feet up on her days off from work instead of catching up on household chores. Who wouldn't want their Christmas present to be to come home to a sparkly clean house every week! 

6. A Bath set
One of many women's favorite ways to unwind is with a nice, hot bath. If the woman in your life likes to have a soak after a stressful day, help her to completely unwind with a fancy bath set- something you can find at countless boutiques, department stores, your mall's Bath and Body Works, and so on. And complete the experience by adding a comfy robe and fuzzy slippers! 

7. Drybar Blowout Box
Treat her hair this Christmas with the ultimate hair-drying experience. The Drybar Blowout in a Box is an ultra-sleek and stylish blow dryer set complete with three different attachments, a brush, and three styling products. 

8. The Misfit Shine
Now this would be something my mom would love! If your wife or girlfriend is crazy about fitness, this gift has to be your next purchase. The Misfit Shine is a small and sleek
fitness tracker, that measures everything from steps taken to calories burned even while you're asleep! The best part? It wirelessly connects to your iPhone or Android, keeping you up to date on your stats at all times! 

While lingerie and jewelry can be nice, give her something different this year that will really surprise her and make it the best Christmas morning possible- for both of you! 

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