Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Breakthrough Gadgets for This Year's Christmas Present (Part 2 of 3)

This year has been revolutionary regarding the creation and advancement of technology, from huge advancements like within the medical field, to smaller ones that are just for our own entertainment. And those ones make for the best christmas presents!

So if you have any tech-wiz kids or husbands, these items will make for the perfect additions to this year's shopping list!

4. The Bladepad
This is definitely the present for all your gamers. The trendy Apple accessory makes gaming easy- and portable. The Bladepad is a gaming controller complete with light-up joysticks and buttons, that attaches to your iPhone 5, so they can play anytime, anywhere (until you say otherwise of course!). It even comes with a power cable, eliminating the fear of a draining battery!
Learn more about this awesome gaming device at their website:

5. Breffo Adventure Camera Kit
This camera accessory will end your frustrations with trying to capture the perfect angle, and prevent the need to choose between asking a stranger for a group picture or the "having Mom/Dad disappear from family photos for 10 years" routine. The interesting looking but efficient new device is an "Octopod" that can grip on to anything while holding your camera secure at the same time. Satisfy your loved one's  inner photographer (or your own if we are talking about a little christmas shopping for Mom!) by having this portable device on hand for any important occasion. Twist and manipulate the rubber-covered, spider-like legs in any fashion while a screw holds your camera in place and you've got yourself a perfect picture- that you can all actually be included in! 

To learn more about this product visit their website at:

6. Pocketstrings
I included this one on the list because it was one of the more simple yet unique creations I saw. If you have a musician in your family, this is something you definitely are going to want to look into! "Pocketstrings", is a portable set of strings that allows quick and easy practicing- while keeping the volume down (something the rest of the family might appreciate!). 
Learn more about the "Musician's best friend", visit:

To See More Cool Gadgets Ideas for Your Tech-Lovers Keep A Look Out for Part Three Coming Soon! 

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