Monday, December 9, 2013

Gain "Best Boyfriend or Husband Ever" Status This Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

This 2-part blog is for the fathers, husbands, and boyfriends out there! It's no secret that shopping for the opposite gender can be a bit on the difficult side sometimes, whether you are new to the game or have been in it for a while. It can feel like the ultimate challenge to try and find a gift that wraps up unique, romantic, functional, thoughtful, and personal all into one without making your wallet cry. 

But through observation, research, and just being- you know- a female, I'm here to rescue all you confused men and tell you how you can be the guy patting himself on the back this Christmas morning.

First off- know her specific sizes/measurements- and if you don't: ask her for them.
If you are planning on purchasing any type of clothes, shoes, intimates, ect then this is crucial! 

A few years ago, I accompanied my father while he went Christmas shopping for my mom. We were in White House Black Market looking at dresses and the sales lady presented my dad with a question most women would find obvious- well, what size is she? My dad hesitated for a moment before looking at the woman and answering with a response most men would deem reasonable; "Umm, probably about your size. You know, similar height and build." 

And my dad is not alone. During my time as a retail sales associate, I had countless interactions with lost husbands wandering the store blindly looking for something that seemed like the right fit for their significant other. And I  would help them as best as I could, but it's tough when they don't have any knowledge or numbers at all. And the guy who would walk in knowing all of his wife's sizes and measurements never failed to impress us sales associates- so be that guy. How can you be that guy? By just asking her! If you don't want to give anything away, ask far in advance and ask for all her measurements- even if you only need to know her dress or bra size- so she can't make any guesses (which she will try to!).

Second, don't be afraid to ask for help.
If at any point you are roaming the store and a sales associate asks you if you need any help, unless you are completely 110% sure of what you are going to get, don't hesitate to take her up on her offer- that is what she is there for! She is familiar with the store's products and can contribute some female perspective

Again, when I was a sales associate, I loved interacting with the customers and helping them out, especially when it was a boyfriend or husband trying to pick out something special for their girlfriend or wife. And reaching out for help isn't just limited to sales associates- if you need some fresh opinions or creative ideas there are no better people to ask then her girlfriends, sisters, mother, or even your teenage daughter! 

And lastly, newcomers keep in mind that "stereotypical" gifts aren't always a bad thing, and for returning players- don't be afraid to change it up. 

For any men in a brand new relationship, there is nothing wrong with falling back on some of the classics- jewelry, chocolate, flowers, lingerie, and so on. Just because these ideas have been done many times before doesn't mean there aren't still ways to get creative and it doesn't mean she wouldn't still love them. Switch out the diamond studs for a pair or gold hoops, trade the gold bracelet for a trendy new Alex and Ani bangle, ect. 

And for our men in longterm relationships, try switching it up this year and doing something really different! I know you've been getting her favorite Chanel perfume for the last 10 Christmases and she has come to expect it- but this year how about surprising her with something unexpected! And don't worry about her being disappointed when she doesn't get her usual perfume (just make sure the new gift is better, kidding!...Sort of) because trust me, she will most likely love the change! I know I'm not a husband, but when I was little I knew my mom loved candles, so I bought her a different scented Yankee Christmas candle for about ten years, and that Christmas morning finally came where she opened up something from me other than a candle, disappointment probably wasn't the word that came to her mind! 

Pick out the Christmas gift that will win you Husband of the Year based off of these unique and creative suggestions in the upcoming "How to Gain Best Boyfriend or Husband Ever Status This Christmas" Part Two!

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