Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Your First Year As a Mother Teaches You

Motherhood continues to be a learning experience even when your child is no longer, well, a child. The surprises it brings are indescribable to someone who has not already been through it. Because of this, it isn’t possible to be entirely prepared to enter the world of motherhood. There are no baby books, classes, or people that can fully brace you for the chaos of parenting…in fact there really isn’t anything other than experience. And even that doesn’t always suffice! So as you can imagine, a mother-to-be with no experience is in for some big surprises, both good and not so good. 

You will learn so much during the first year as a parent, about you, your partner, and your baby. I asked real women the most valuable (and surprising) lessons they learned during their first year as a mother and these were their responses:

1. “It gets easier, then harder, then easier, then harder again.”

2. “Your first meal after giving birth will feel like the most incredible meal of your life- even if it’s just a sub and a diet pepsi.”

3. “It’s okay to leave the baby with the husband for some time alone, even if it’s just a shower!”

4. “You will Google things you never thought you would Google.”

5. “Take lots of pictures and make a photo album.”

6. “You have never known the definition of tired until now.”

7. “Seeing your husband in the role of a father makes you fall in love all over again.”

8. “It’s okay to use paper products instead of dishes because you’re too tired to even load the dishwasher.” 

9. “Take help when it’s offered and don’t feel ashamed about it.”

10. “Never say never.”

11. “You will learn what the true definition of ‘unconditional love’ is.”

12. “You will buy endless amounts of beautiful baby toys and all they want to play with are the remote and your phone.”

13. “Having a baby will test and strengthen you and your partner’s relationship.”

14. “Hangovers suck, hangovers as a mom suck way more.” 

15. “You will learn to be both humble and patient from your baby.”

16. “When you hear a baby crying in public, instead of feeling annoyance, you’ll feel sympathy. Even on an airplane. Actually, ESPECIALLY on an airplane.”

17. “Nothing slows you down like being a mom. Always remember to slow down and enjoy the moments because they won’t be babies forever.”

18. “The dishes can wait. Take a few moments to stop and just play with your child.” 

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