Sunday, July 13, 2014

Colbie Caillat Encourages Women to Feel Comfortable in their own Skin in her Powerful Music Video "Try"

Colbie Caillat has always felt more comfortable in makeup-less skin, and in her new song she shares how she wants all women to be able to feel that way. The inspiring song, titled “Try”, accompanied by a powerful music video highlights how unfair beauty ideals can be and showing women happy and secure in their natural, makeup-free selves. 

Caillat talks about how she got the idea for the music video from personal experiences. She says she knows how trying to hide your faults or feeling insecure about blemishes is something that all women go through. That even women who feel more comfortable naturally worry that other people won’t approve. 

But Caillat didn’t want to just talk about how women should feel more comfortable in their own skin, she wanted to back it up too. So when getting ready for the photo shoot for the album cover, Caillat did not her usual preparations. She skipped the manicure, the hair cut, the stylist, and even requested that her album cover remain untouched by photoshop. Then for the music video, she joined several other women in taking off all make up and proudly wearing their natural faces. 

It is an amazing message to send to girls and I admire not just Caillat for her bravery but also each woman who participated in the making of the beautiful and inspiring video. It is fun to get dolled up every once and a while, maybe even every day, but women should be doing it for themselves- not to impress or feel accepted by other people. 

Click below to watch Colbie Caillat’s beautiful new music video, “Try”:

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