Friday, July 18, 2014

These Old Photos Show What Parts of Motherhood Haven’t Changed In 50 Years

Ken Heyman recently uncovered a box of amazing photographs that had remained untouched for 50 years. The 83-year-old photographer had requested his belongings be removed from a closing storage facility and upon clearing the unit out, a box titled, “Mothers”, was discovered. The dusty, old box contained half-a-century old photos of mothers with their children. 

The beautiful images were part of a project for a book called Family, which Heyman co-wrote with anthropologist Margaret Mead. But the pictures represented so much more than just an exciting blast-from-the-past- they showed how, despite the pictures being published so many years ago, they looked strikingly similar to images of mothers with their children today. 

So although certain elements of parenting have seen some changes, these photos revel that the core foundations of motherhood do not change over time, even through decades. 

The chaos, the love, the joy, the kissing of boo boos, the multitasking, all mirrors what we see in mothers with their children today. Seeing this fact through in the eyes and smiles of these mothers in the pictures is not just fascinating, but quite touching and powerful as well.  

Even as we have witnessed a shift in culture, music, clothes, technology, some parenting styles, education, and more- the love a mother feels for her child remains the same. 

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