Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Bank Uses Its ATMs to Thank Regulars in a Touching and Personalized Way

Certain chains of stores attract more regulars than any others, the local coffee shop or grocery store for example. Another example is the bank. Every day the same customers come through the bank doors, interacting with tellers and using ATMs. After enough time has passed the employees and regular customers often develop a relationship, getting to know bits and pieces of each other’s personal lives. 

Well this bank decided that it was time to give back to their customers in a special and personal way. So they temporarily turned their ATM into an “Automated Thanking Machine” for regular customers to show them how special and appreciated they were. 

The joy and surprise on the customer’s faces is truly amazing and very moving. At some points you can even hear the “ATM” getting a little choked up. It was a little hard for me not to get choked up watching the genuine happiness and gratitude from the customers after receiving their surprises.

Click below to watch the touching video:

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