Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How Mommy Bloggers Are Taking Over Social Media

The domination of men within the world of all things technology is slowly declining as more and more women are integrating technology, specifically social media, into their daily routines- at home and within the workplace. Today the number of women using social media in their day to day lives has reached 75%, versus 63% of men. 

Women of all ages and careers are a growing influence within social media, but one group in particular is beginning to stand out- a group affectionately dubbed "Mommy Bloggers". This term, one we are VERY fond of here at ONCEkids, describes female parents who use social media to reach out to other mothers, ranging from stay-at-home moms to moms balancing work and kids. This demographic has become extremely large as well as influential, and it only continues to grow each day. As of today, there are approximately 3.9 million of these Mommy Bloggers in North America, a number that can only be expected to get larger over time!

Giving everything from parenting and marriage advice to revealing funny or inspirational stories about their own triumphs and challenges, these mothers are here to offer unconditional support and say "Hey, you're not alone in this- we get it!"

 Anyone who has ever had a child knows that being a parent is a never ending job and, though rewarding, can be very challenging and even sometimes isolating. So being able to go online and read about other women who have had the exact same things happen to them and have faced similar dilemmas can be very comforting. 

Many of the blog sites are interactive, so women can not only read about other mothers, but get a chance to chat with them too! Mommy bloggers have given confidence and a voice to mothers everywhere, reminding them that we are all in this together. 

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