Sunday, September 29, 2013

Building Your Mom-tourage: Why Every Mom Needs Mommy Friends (Part One)

Over the course of your life you obtain all kinds of different types of friends- you have your work friends, your high school friends, roommates from college, your husband's friends, and so on. It's always a positive thing to have a wide variety of people in your circle, it makes life more interesting. But as you start to have a family, there is one group of people in your life that are going to become more and more important- your mommy friends. 

1. They get it
These women understand the joys and the challenges that come from being a mother better than anyone else can, they have been there for the ups and the downs, the good days and the difficult ones. They are the people you can have deep and way too detailed conversations with about balancing work and parenting, breast feeding, the terrible twos, and everything in between. They aren't going to judge you for your messy car or thrown together ponytail, they are right there with ya!
2. They are the perfect people to vent to
Anything from issues at work to the kids or husband (or both!) that are driving you crazy, other moms are the best listeners because they most likely deal with the exact same issues that drive them totally insane as well. So they will let you vent and then vent right back to you, so not only have you gotten things off your chest, but it leaves you with that good feeling of knowing you're not the only one

3. They have your back
On those mornings where the baby is crying and the kids are late for school but Suzie can't find her homework and breakfast is burning and you can't find your keys- your mommy friends are the ones who will come over right away, pajamas still on and all, to finish packing the lunches and locating keys and homework while you calm the baby down and get organized. When you and your husband are in desperate need of a date night but can't find a sitter, these are the women who will more than willingly watch the kids for a few hours (good luck hunting down your non-parent friends for this task!). When other moms make you feel bad at school for not raising enough money during the fundraiser or bringing in store-bought cookies for the bake sale, your mom friends will be there to help you brush it off and make you laugh about it.

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4. Your kids can play together
While you guys have play dates, your kids can hang out too! Not to mention being able to carpool or have a place your kid is actually excited about going to after school for a few hours when you need to finish some things up at work. And if they have kids a little bit older than yours- hooray for hand me downs! 

Being a parent can be really hard and isolating sometimes, so it is crucial to surround yourself with other parents who are going through what you are going through and can offer you advice and be a source of constant support. And what may start out as just a mother of your child's friend can turn into a lasting friendship, so don't be afraid to put yourself out there!

Learn the tips for cultivating mommy-friendships in the upcoming part two of Building Your Mom-tourage!

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