Monday, September 16, 2013

SuperMom Monday: The Power of a Mother's Intuition

At six months pregnant, Analia Bouter had experienced what she called a relatively normal, healthy pregnancy, until on April 3rd when she suddenly went into labor. She was immediately rushed to the hospital in her home town of Resistencia, Argentina, where she gave birth shortly afterwards. It was then that she received the heart breaking news that every mother fears the most, her tiny baby girl was pronounced a stillborn. Each member of the medical staff that examined her agreed she showed no vital signs of life and said it was most likely due to how small she was and how early she was born. 

Bouter and her husband reeled over the loss of their daughter, who was to be named Luciana Abigail, as a death certificate was written and the tiny infant was put into the morgue. 

12 hours had passed, but Bouter could not shake this feeling and urge to see her daughter again. After insisting with the doctors for quite some time, Bouter and her husband were led to the morgue where their daughter was being kept. 

When the doctor opened the refrigerated drawer where the baby was held, what can only be called a miracle, took place. As the grieving parents examined their daughter, she let out a small cry and moved slightly. 

Bouter describes how her heart stopped when she saw the signs of life from her daughter, she exclaims how initially she thought she must be hallucinating. But as she discovered this sight was real, she fell to her knees in both  joy and surprise. 

Doctors remain without any explanation of how this could have possibly happened, but Bouter has no doubt that it was a miracle and act from God. 

The parents have changed the baby's name from Luciana to Luz Milagros, which translates to "Miracle Light"

This story is an incredible example of the true power instincts, gut feelings, and intuition can have and it reminds us to always pay close attention to those feelings. If it wasn't for this dedicated mother's insistence to follow her instincts and see her daughter one last time, it would have never been discovered that she was not in fact a stillborn, but very much alive. 

Luz Milagros spent several months in intensive care and has experienced some challenges, but still remains very much alive and well today. Her mother proudly reports that she is growing and getting stronger everyday! 

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