Monday, September 9, 2013

SuperMom Monday: The Heroism of Antoinette Tuff

The other day I was listening to the radio and heard a portion of a 911 call from an incident a few days prior. My jaw dropped as I listened to the chilling conversation that took place between Georgia elementary school clerk, Antoinette Tuff, and Michael Brandon Hill, a 20-year-old boy with a history of mental illness. Earlier that day, the unstable and suicidal boy entered the school armed with an AK-47, fired a shot at the ground and proceeded to barge into the school office. It was then that he came across Tuff. In this moment, many of us wonder how we may have reacted if we ever found ourselves in this position, hide under the desk? Say something to set him off? Beg for our life? But Tuff did none of these.
Instead, in an effort to connect with the boy and calm him down, she engaged him in a lengthy conversation- sharing with him her own personal struggles. For 22 agonizing minutes, she opened up to him- describing her challenges and moments of despair, including a difficult divorce, the hardships of raising a disabled child, even her own contemplation of suicide. She reminded him that it does get better, that today doesn't have to be the end, and that he is loved. 

In an incredible display of courage and bravery, Tuff was able to eventually talk Hill into surrendering to the police. Although a few shots were fired, each child and staff member was able to evacuate from the school without any fatalities or injuries. 

Tuff's actions are truly inspiring and the definition of heroism. In order to honor her bravery, President Obama called her to personally thank her and shared with CNN his plans to invite her to the White House, telling them that she "probably saved a lot of lives, including the life of the potential perpetrator". 

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News of Tuff's action have spread across the country like wildfire, but her acts of heroism have extended past those terrifying minutes with Hill. Since the incident, Tuff has started an online fundraising campaign, using the money to provide children with more travel opportunities. Within just a few days, 2,114 people had contributed $103, 806- leaving heart-warming messages thanking Tuff for her courage. 

To visit Tuff's fundraising website go to and stayed tuned for next SuperMom Monday to hear about our next heroic mom!

Click below to listen to the heart wrenching 911 call from Antoinette Tuff:

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