Monday, September 23, 2013

SuperMom Money: Heroic Moms Blast From the Past

Over the course of the last year or so we have researched and written about dozens of SuperMoms who are consistently inspiring us through their displays of courage and selflessness when it comes the wellbeing of their children, or even other people's kids. But these acts of heroism are not limited to modern times, mothers have been sacrificing everything for their children since the beginning of our existence. So i've gathered a list of four admirable women who risked it all for their children long before technology and social media could recognize their heroic deeds. 

When her house was under attack by Native Americans and her husband was badly injured, left unable to defend his family, instead of panicking or giving up Mrs. Merrill took matters into her own hands. She fought bravely, preventing any of the attackers from entering her home with sustaining significant injury. The attackers were so stunned by her actions and courage that the eventually retreated from the home, leaving the children unharmed. 

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A report in the Hereford Times from 1862 acknowledges the bravery and devotion of a Montenegrin woman who refused to let her four sons stand alone on the battlefield in the midst of combat. She stood beside her sons and protected them with all she had, and even after none were left standing she is remembered for standing before the enemy declaring she would "never give up until the nations flag could be placed in the hands of her
grandsons." Now that is one tough mom!

Our third mother's act of courage did not deal with life or death, but rather providing the education and future for her children that she felt they deserved- at all costs. The mother, Mrs. Giblin (whose first name was unfortunately not recorded), spent all her nights working in the bitter cold digging and washing gold in order to make enough of a living to send her two sons to college and medical school in hopes to give them their dream of becoming doctors.

Our last historic hero, Elizabeth Smith (yay finally a first name was used!), was featured in a newspaper in 1933 after courageously jumping into an icy river when her daughter fell in. The eight foot fall into raging rapids did not phase this inspiring mom when it came down to her daughter's safety. 

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