Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Coolest Halloween Costumes Made by Mom (Part One of Three)

It's easy enough to head to the local costume shop and pick out some pre-made costumes but sometimes it's fun to really get into the spirit of Halloween and make a costume from scratch. So for any moms feeling crafty this year here are some ideas of costumes that you and your kids can do together, only requiring a little effort and a lot of fun!

1. Robot Costume
This classic costume is always sure to be a hit and is almost always better when it's homemade. After you've gathered your materials, just set aside an afternoon when you're feeling extra artsy and get started!
What you need:
Cardboard box, foil, glue, duct tape, silver paint, grey clothes (sweat pants, turtleneck, shoes), dryer venting and various electrical items 
How to make it:
Simply cut head and arm holes in the cardboard box, paint it silver and attach dryer venting to the arm holes. Then make it look more official by duct taping the various electrical items to the front of the box. Complete the look with the grey clothes and you've got yourself an awesome looking robot!

2. Zombie Costume
Vampires, werewolves and zombies have been growing in popularity over the last few years and since the arrival of the insanely popular TV show, "The Walking Dead", zombies have become trendier than ever. 
What you need:
 For this costume, all the materials you need are some old clothes that you don't mind ripping holes in and some scary looking make up and hair gel, that's easy enough!
How to make it: 
Just get the clothes looking dirty by purposefully getting some stains on them, wrinkling them, and cutting them up in various places. Then take your zombie make up kit (which can be found at any costume shop) and paint some scary looking make up on their face and get their hair looking like a mess with some hair gel. 

3. Crayola Crayon Costume
This costume has been popular for ages, because of how easy and adorable it is! All it takes is a few hours and some planning ahead. 
What you need: 
pants and a long sleeve shirt in the color crayon your child wants to be, black fabric paint, a paintbrush, and a big t-shirt or pillow case in the same color. Also get some construction paper and tape to make a hat to represent the crayon's tip.
How to make it: 
This costume seriously could not get any easier or cuter! All you have to do is take your pillow case or oversized t-shirt and paint the Crayola design that's on every crayon with your black fabric paint. Dress them in their same-colored clothes, put the t shirt on over (arm holes will have to be added if a pillow case was used) and add the little hat to complete the look! 

Keep a look out for the next round of awesome costumes you can make for your child this Halloween in The Coolest Costumes Made by Mom (Part Two of Three)

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