Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Moms Actually Love Halloween

Now that October has arrived, the holiday season is right around the corner and the holiday that's on everyone's mind is Halloween

Of course the holiday season is a wonderful time of year, with all the spirit and happiness, but often times it can bring stress and anxiety, especially for Mom. All the pressure of the visitors, the endless shopping, cooking, and cleaning! 

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And as for Halloween, one might imagine dragging your feet from house to house with a group of kids or sitting on the front porch handing out candy as a boring and dreaded task- but when surveyed Moms actually had something else to say. They claim to actually love Halloween and find it to be one of the more exciting holidays- and here is why!

1. No Pressure of a big dinner
Halloween is one of the few holidays that doesn't demand some kind of big meal, which moms can really appreciate. They love that on this night they can just whip something quick together for the kids, like pizza or grilled cheese, and then out the door they go!

2. It's fun to decorate
Some people people love going over the top with spooky decorations and some prefer not to decorate at all. But moms say that they love getting into the spirit of things and letting their artsy side run wild. Whether its store bought or homemade, Halloween is the biggest holiday for decorations, after Christmas, and this makes it one of the more fun days of the season. 

3. It's awesome to see the kids in costume
Hands down the best part of Halloween? Seeing all the little kids dressed up in their adorable costumes with those big smiles on their faces. Moms say they enjoy even the process of buying or making the costumes for kids. If you are feeling crafty, it is easy and enjoyable to put together a unique and creative costume that everyone will love. Even if you aren't really into all that, that's okay too! It is easy enough, and still a good time, to take the kids out shopping for some ready-made costumes!

4. It creates Fall family traditions
During the whole month of October leading up to Halloween, there are endless fun activities for families to participate in. With everything from pumpkin picking to haunted hay rides, the Fall is a great time for some serious family fun!

5. It's fun for all ages
Everyone from little kids to college students to adults can get into this holiday! There are classroom parties, house parties, work parties, and more where all kinds of people can get together and feel young again by dressing up in a silly costume and bobbing for apples. 

6. And most of all, the leftover candy
Confession, I have never liked Snickers- my mom on the other hand, loves them. When I was younger all the way through high school, my brothers and I would save our Snickers or whatever else we didn't want and my mom would be there to "take them off our hands". Moms say the best part about Halloween is taking one night to indulge in their kids' leftover candies. Don't forget that moms love candy just as much as kids do! 

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