Monday, October 28, 2013

The Coolest Costumes Made By Mom (Part Three of Three)

With Halloween just around the corner, busy moms are scrambling to put together the perfect costumes that their kids will love. But this year, instead of making that last-minute trip to the costume shop to pick a costume out of the small selection that will be left, try making an even better costume from scratch! In part one and two we described six costumes  that even the least arsty moms can throw together within only a matter of days-or hours- and here are three more ideas to make your child's costume fun and unique this halloween! 

7. Golfer
This next costume is easy to put together- and unbearably cute! Plus you can use the clothes on other occasions. 
What you need:
A white button up, an argyle sweater vest, tan khakis, a cap, matching argyle socks, and a small golf club
How to make it:
For this costume all you have to do is dress your little guy in his white button down, argyle sweater vest, khaki pants rolled up, with the argyle socks. Add his cap and miniature golf club and you've got yourself a perfect golfer costume!

8. Pirate 
There are plenty of variations of this costume that you can find at a local costume shop but its also just as easy to make yourself! 
What you need:
a black long sleeve shirt, an old white long sleeve shirt, old black pants, a bandana, and a plastic sword. 
How to make it:
Simply cut the sleeves of the white shirt, followed by the ends of an old pair of black pants- fraying them at the ends, then put the white shirt on over the black shirt and tie a bandana around their head. With the plastic sword and any accessories you want to throw on, this costume can be trick-or-treat ready within a matter of hours!

9. Fairy 
This costume takes a little longer than the others to put together- but it is so cute it is worth it! It is the ultimate costume for the ultimate girly girl and is sure to be a memorable one!
What you need:
A green leotard, pink tights, a green and brown leotard, fake flowers of various sizes and
colors, a brown headband, a glue gun, and super glue
How to make it:
To put together the skirt; take your tutu and glue gun, grabbing flowers of various sizes and glue them around the waist band of the tutu in a belt-like fashion. Then make the headpiece by gluing the rest of the flowers to the brown plastic headband. To put the final costume together, first put the pink tights on, followed by the green leotard and tutu- adding the headpiece as the finishing touch! After only a few hours you'll have the cutest fairy around! 

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