Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Victim of Boston Explosion Says She Will Run Again Next Year

Adrianne Haslet-Davis from Washington has dedicated her life to dancing, but like many others, her life changed completely after participating in this year's Boston Marathon. Although she survived the tragic explosion, her left foot did not. 

She recalls the moment she awoke in the hospital and had to be told by her mother, Chauni Haslet, that a portion below her knee on her left leg had been amputated after irreversible damage done as a result of the explosion

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During the time of the explosion, she and her husband, Adam Davis, were standing outside of a restaurant on Boylston Street. Despite being injured as well, Adam- who had recently returned from military deployment, managed to use his belt to make a tourniquet and tie it around his wife's mangled leg. Adrianne says she remembers looking down and seeing her leg practically detached and thinking she was going to die. As paramedics rushed to help her, Adrianne told her husband how much she loved him, that she was not ready to leave him, and that they would make it through this. 

Although she has had her fair share of very dark days, Adrianne is determined not to let this tragedy consume her. She says that no matter what she will not only dance again, but she intends to return to the Boston Marathon and run in it. She says that the message she wants people to receive from her heart wrenching story is that you "can come out of a situation that might seem like the end of the world, and come out stronger." 

Adrianne's attitude and strength is such an inspiration as well as a reminder to all of us that no matter what happens, all is not lost and as long as we support one another during these tough times, we can overcome them.  

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