Sunday, April 21, 2013

How You Can Get Involved This Earth Day

Today we celebrate a safe and healthy planet with Earth Day! This day is important because it serves as a reminder that it is our responsibility to keep our precious earth clean and do whatever we can to minimize pollution in the environment. There are several easy ways to get involved and join the fight for a clean environment!

1. Plant a tree
Planting a tree in your backyard is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! Not only is it a fun activity that can get the whole family involved, but it also will provide a habitat for other plants and animals. This activity will help to combat pollution by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Create a vegetable garden
Expand on the tree idea by not just planting one tree but a whole garden! Spring is the perfect time for gardening, so why not get started today? Get your children involved by letting them choose which fruits and vegetables they want to have in the garden and show them how to plant and take care of their designated plants. 

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3. Clean up your local park
Help make a difference this Earth Day by heading to your local park with friends and family! Use this time to circle the park, picking up the litter that detracts from the park's natural beauty. Maybe you will even meet other families who are also trying to help out while you're there!

4. Go on a hike
Even if you aren't going to get hands on for Earth Day, set some time aside to admire and surround yourself with nature! Find some trails nearby, put on some sneakers, and go on a nice nature hike. Not only is it asthetically pleasing- but you'll also be able to sneak a work out in! 

5. Recycle 
If you don't already, take the time on this holiday to sit down with the family and construct a recycling system that works for you. Recycling is so important for our environment and will really help to make a difference in making our Earth a healthy place!

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6. Attend an Earth Day event
Countless Earth Day events are held across the nation on April 22nd, so find one near you and bring the kids along. These events are filled with fun and informative activities that people of all ages can enjoy!

Whether it is planting a vegetable garden or simply making a pledge to recycle, everyone can make a difference in keeping our environment clean. So honor Earth day by stepping up in your community and joining the fight for a healthy planet!

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