Sunday, April 14, 2013

ONCEkid's Unsung Heroes (Part Three of Five)

Our list continues with two more females whose heroic actions are known by little but deserve to be acknowledged by all. 

Another one of the youngest females on our list is Caitlin Crommett. At just 17 years old she has dedicated countless hours toward granting the wishes of terminally ill patients. Her inspiration began after she volunteered at a Hospice Care facility in Foothill Ranch, California singing at memorial services. 

She recalls noticing the dramatic effects her singing had on the families of the patients and wanting to find a way to interact with them on a more personal level. Her idea came from "Patch Adams", a movie that tells the story of a doctor who entertains his patients and tries to make them laugh. This inspiration was what led to the eventual development of Dream Catchers, a group that works to grant the final wishes of Hospice patients. 

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Our next hero's passion also began in California, but instead of helping those at the end of their life, she works with those who's lives are just beginning. Lisa Klein donates much of her spare time to collecting baby clothes for mother's in need. Her inspiration came after Hurricane Katrina, when she read an article about displaced families in desperate need of clothes for their young children and babies.

After only a few days of reading the article, Lisa and her friends had managed to gather up over 200 pounds of pajamas, sweaters, hates, and booties, packed them up, and shipped them all to New Orleans. Since then, she has started a nonprofit organization called Loved Twice, which collects donations of used baby clothing, which they distribute to local hospitals, shelters, and pre-natal clinics. She says her goals of the group are to help new mothers alleviate some of the stresses of having a baby and the finances that come along with it. 

Both of these women demonstrate admirable levels of compassion and kindness, so whether you're helping to fulfill the wishes of the terminally ill or assisting new mothers in keeping their infant's clean and warm, try to pitch in and help your community like these two strong and inspirational women! 

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