Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Words are Magic :)

A midget in the fairy tale forest in Sprookjes...
Story telling is ancient. Story telling was oral and was passed down from generation to generation but, in the modern age, it has become a more formalized affair. The Brothers Grimm were linguists who recorded the many oral stories that percolated in their culture. Fairy tales, as recorded by the two brothers, were vibrant, immersive stories with miraculous endings, and encompassing magic. Fairy tales are a form of storytelling that children and adults find powerful. The Brothers Grimm wrote very dark tales. Walt Disney significantly lightened the stories to meld with our culture and what we find acceptable to communicate to children in our day and age.

Additionally, fairy tales have gone through numerous permutations, and have become more encompassing. We assume that when we tell a story to a child now that it is a fairy tale even though the story may be missing the usual hallmarks of a true fairy tale. Any story told to a child is assumed by some to be a fairy tale. Children’s stories have become synonymous with fairy tales. This suggests that storytelling in general is as powerful as fairy tales. To a child every story seems soaked in the wondrous pull of a fairy tales. Words are magic.

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