Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Share Crayon Fun with your Child!

Can you remember how excited you were to receive crayons as a child? Can you remember your favorite color of crayon? Was it periwinkle blue or burnt sienna? Did you get excited about coloring books? Did you rush through your schoolwork so you could grab a coloring sheet? Coloring is an entertaining activity for all ages but it seems especially wondrous when you are young. Coloring is a great way to preoccupy a child but it is also a great way to increase learning. Coloring pages allows children to explore themes, develop hand and eye coordination, perfect fine motor skills and increase interest and awareness of reading material.

ONCEKids has several coloring sheets available on their website. Just click here.
The available coloring sheets advance understanding of the Fujimini Adventure Island Series. The books can be bought through the ONCEKids website. You can color the sheets online with a palette of digital colors or print the sheets and color with yours or your child’s favorite crayons.

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