Friday, November 26, 2010

Learn more about ONCEKids

ONCEKids is the parents' guide to Fujimini Island from the Fujimini Adventure Series by Author Eileen Wacker.

Here you can meet the characters, visit where they live and find out about the rest of the popular children's book series.  We share the educational elements behind Fujimini Island and ONCEKids; and offer advice to parents and teachers. 

You can learn more about Fujimini Island and ONCEKids:

Fujimini Island on Facebook
Fujimini Island on Twitter
Fujimini Island Website and games
Fujimini Island blog

ONCEKids on Facebook
ONCEKids on Twitter
ONCEKids blog

ONCEKids website for books, games and stuff for your parents and teachers.

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