Monday, November 8, 2010

Children are never too young to learn the importance of words

You can never read to your child too soon. Often, just talking to a baby or toddler helps them develop their vocabulary. This vocabulary becomes very important as a child matures, and begins the task of learning to read. A great way to talk to your child is to point out objects and name them. Children eventually incorporate these names into their vocabulary. It is also a good idea to introduce a child to rhyme on sounds, songs and words. Studies have shown that children tend to remember pairs of words that rhyme before all other words. Another great activity is to take your child to the grocery store and say the names of objects in the store. Also, try to carve out a special place in your home to read, write and draw. The more prized reading is in your family the quicker a child’s language skills develop. Teachers often talk of ‘print rich’ environments when they speak about their classrooms. A home should be no different. Fill your home with books, magazines and newspapers and your chances of having an advanced reader increases dramatically. Read to your child and expose them to words as early as you can. Children are never too young to learn the importance of words.

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