Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cherry Trees don't like Lies

Cherry tree  Children own stories. Tell a story to a child, and they wander around and make it their home. Children glean from stories what is relevant to their lives, and identify with characters. Children don’t just read or listen to stories for their own entertainment. They draw on stories for therapeutic value. Stories are conducive to a child’s emotional health. This is why great care should be taken in selecting stories. Children value fun and action. But they also value meaning and worth in a story. Social values develop in part by the stories we tell children. George Washington never lived amongst cherry trees and, as a politician, he most probably lied consistently. But children in the United States seem to associate not telling a lie with a chopping down a cherry tree. The truth of the story seems not to matter but the value of telling the truth does. Stories are opportunities for mental and emotional growth. Take care in selecting stories for your children.

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