Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Powerful Moms in Social Media (Part 4 of 5)

Ann Handley
The popularity and influence of social media has been increasing rapidly, but a new group is stepping forward on top. Mommy bloggers are taking over the social media scene on all fronts -- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as personal blogs. Working Mother has constructed a list to acknowledge the mothers whose tremendous talent for social networking has set them apart from the rest. We have begun, continued and expanded upon these mothers' work. These fifteen women have influenced large audiences and powerful companies all over with their witty and heartfelt blogs about balancing work and motherhood.

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Ann Handley is what Working Mother refers to as the "social media and technology guru." This mother of two has changed the business world through her blog MarketingProfs Daily Fix. She assists companies making the jump into the social media world by providing them with online media marketing strategies and putting together online content. MarketingProfs Daily Fix has been featured in the top 20 of Advertising Age's Power 150. In addition to her hugely successful marketing blog, her Twitter page has over 104,000 followers and another personal blog! Her personal blog, Anarchy, focuses on family life. She tells stories and gives advice about parenting, balancing a busy work schedule, marriage and more. 
Beth Kanter
It is hard not to be impressed with our next mommy blogger. Beth Kanter's achievements have earned her the titled of one of the most influential women in technology and has been named by BusinessWeek one of the "Voices of Innovation for Social Media." Her Twitter has accumulated a staggering 407,000+ followers and her blog is one of the longest standing online nonprofit sources to date. Her blog,, deals with online marketing services- and this is only an extension of her real career. The inspiration behind her blog and Twitter account is her company, Zoetica. Zoetica provides nonprofit companies with online marketing services. Kanter says that the secret to a successful work life as well as being a checked-in mother for her three sons is to know when to step back and take a break from the Internet and technology. 
Katie Allison Granju
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Many of the mommy bloggers present a witty account on the struggles and successes of balancing life, work, and motherhood- but our next social media mom, brings something new to the table. Katie Allison Granju bears her soul on her blog Mama Pundit, touching on some of the more rarely discussed topics such as divorce and miscarriages. Her brutal honesty has gotten a lot of attention from readers, especially those who feel like they can connect with her heart breaking story. In 2010, one of her six children died from a drug overdose. As a method of coping, as well as raising awareness, she poured her heart out in her blog. Her blog is creating a new wave of helping mothers to feel connected with one another and aware that they are not alone during their struggles. In addition to her blog, Granju has started the Henry Louis Granju Memorial Scholarship Fund. This works towards providing funds for families struggling to pay the expenses of drug and alcohol treatment for their children. She also works in the social media department for the t.v. network HGTV.

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