Saturday, November 24, 2012

Powerful Moms in Social Media (Part 1 of 5)

Heather Armstrong
With sites like Facebook and Twitter, social media is a trend that just keeps getting trendier. Now, there is a relatively new addition to the social media scene that is also rising in popularity. Moms are now taking the social media world by storm with their popular social media sites and blogs. Some of these blogs center on their life as a mom, while others write and speak about the balance between business and motherhood. Over the last few years, a group of these moms have risen to become powerful influencers, reaching large audiences across all social media platforms, including FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. 

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Working Mother has created a list called the Most Powerful Moms in Social Media, consisting of fifteen mothers who have risen to the top of social media. 

Jill Asher
The first on the list has sometimes been referred to as the 'Queen of Mommy Bloggers'. Heather Armstrong, mother of two daughters, has made tremendous strides in the social media world since the creation of her website,, in 2002. She has managed to acquire 1.5 million followers on Twitter to date and it is reported that her blog has around 100,000 visitors a day. She has also written books and participated in many speaking engagements. It is estimated that she is making up to $1 million a year from ad revenue alone! One of the stories that got her to the top of the Powerful Moms chart was when she expressed her disappointment about the new Maytag washing machine she'd recently bought- and not only did the company deliver a new one to her door, but they also donated one in her name to charity. Wow, that is one powerful mommy blogger!

Amy Lupold Bair
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The next most influential mommy blogger is Jill Asher. This mother of two says that her career in blogging began in 2006. She says she noticed there were no blogs tailored to moms specifically in her area Silicon Valley. Upon this discovery, she created a group known as the Silicon Valley Group, filling a significant gap with the creation of a regional community of moms. This community has since grown substantially, buying up regional blogs all over the United States. The group also works to promote video conferences and books clubs, with the purpose of feeling like a monthly meeting for moms across the country. 

Mother of two and Powerful Mom number three, Amy Lupold Bair, was a middle school English teacher until her invention in 2008 that would shake up the social media world, the Twitter Party. A Twitter Party consists of an online conversation through Twitter. It often includes panelists and giveaways. This invention has opened up the doors of communication between companies and their customers. Bair has personally hosted over 150 Twitter parties for big name brands such as Pampers. Her Twitter has amassed over 30,000 followers. This super-Mom has also formed The Global Influence Network and runs a personal blog. The Global Influence Network was formed in 2009, working with public relations agencies with the purpose of developing interesting content and contests for bloggers and members of the network to share with their readers and Twitter followers. Her own blog, appropriately titled "Resourceful Mommy", get more personal with parenting advice based on her own personal experiences as a mother. 

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