Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' takes over Glee [VIDEO]

K-Pop continues to rise in popularity, with Psy's 'Gangnam Style' leading the way. Just four months after its release, the music video has acquired over 605 million hits on YouTube

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On September 17, the catchy beat and easy-to-learn dance moves, got 'Gangnam Style" nominated for Best Video at the upcoming 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. Just days later,  "Gangnam Style" continued to make headlines with Guinness World Records recognition as the most liked video in YouTube history. 

Since its creation, countless parodies of the music video have been created. Even Fox's hit musical comedy "GLEE" is jumping on the 'Gangnam Style' train. The November 8th episode will be featuring a performance of the hit song and even a special teaser has been released for eager fans. 

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With one hit single, the Korean pop star has quickly become one of the most recognized faces around the world. Since the release of the music video on July 15, 2012 Psy has watched all his dreams come true, from dancing with Britney Spears on the Ellen Degeneres Show to being featured on Saturday Night Live

During his recent concert in Toronto, before he began his performance of the wild, electro dance moves that captured the attention of the world, he stood still, looking out at the crowd and in one of his most revealing moments, announced "This is my first time in Canada, in Toronto. This a really touching moment of me."

In Canada, "Gangnam Style" has reached the number one spot on the Canadian Billboard charts, even beating out big-selling artists like Taylor Swift and Rihanna.
The atmosphere of Psy's concerts are exactly what one would expect at the usual K-Pop concert. On stage, Psy loves to make his wildest on-stage fantasies come true, everything from flying around wire to having a enormous inflatable caricature of himself. His hilarious dance moves and high-energy atmosphere create an unforgettable night for concert-goers.

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