Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerful Moms in Social Media (Part 2 of 5)

Joanne Bamberger
Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are continuing to grow in popularity, but a new social media sensation is quickly catching up -- blog pages. And women balancing motherhood with work, marriage, and life are leading the way. Countless mothers are reaching out to one another, offering support and advice on how to tackle the daily events motherhood brings. Working Mom's list of the fifteen "Most Powerful Moms in Social Media" started earlier this week and continues with three more of the most influential writers in the world of mommy bloggers.

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Mother of one, Joanne Bamberger earned her way on to Working Mom's list, and our list of Super-Moms, with her impressive blogging career. Bamberger started out her career as a radio and television reporter before entering law school. After spending fifteen years in private and government practice, Bamberger decided she needed a change in her life. This led to her embark on another career path as a political and media strategist and analyst. Her role in the political world and knack for social media led to her creation of a blog in 2006. Her blog, called "Pundit Mom", focuses on balancing work and family, something she refers to as a "constant moving target". Since then, it became a finalist for the best political blog at the Webblog "Bloggies" Awards in 2011. She also just released a book, titled Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America, and has a new online magazine. This mommy blogger isn't slowing down anytime soon! 

Kimberley Blaine
The next mom rising in social media fame is Kimberley Blaine. This mother of two has something unique to the other mothers on the list to bring to the table. Blaine is a licensed family and child therapist. She uses her website,, to offer advice through online segments. Her great advice and expertise in the field has gained her a large audience of parents with children in their younger years spanning to their early teens. She has acquired 13,000 followers on Twitter and is now the author of a book, The Go-To Mom's Parents' Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children. Blaine's thoughts regarding a successful blog page is that in order to be successful, it is crucial to expand it with video, radio, social networks, and message boards. 

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Beth Blecherman
Our sixth mommy blogger, mother of three Beth Blecherman, made it on the list with her creation of in 2007. She has amassed 15,000 followers on Twitter and was named one of the 140 Twitter feeds to follow in Time Magazine in 2010. She offers advice and support for the intersection of work and life regarding social media. Blecherman consults with companies on social media strategies and blogger outreach. In addition to her personal blog, Blecherman is also an advisor to and the Chief Technologist at Cool Mom Tech. She says that her best support comes from her husband and sons. 

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