Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trendiest Presents for Your Kids this Christmas

The holiday season is upon us and with Christmas right around the corner, parents everywhere are rushing out to check off the items on their children's wish lists. Luckily, there are countless gifts and toys that prove trendy enough to keep from becoming an under-the-bed dust collector. 

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For all you parents of little girls, brighten up your daughter's Christmas morning with a new twist on an old classic, the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. Mothers everywhere grew up playing with Barbies, a tradition that countless little girls still treasure. 

For all the Hunger Games fans, bring their imaginations to life with a toy Z-Curve bow, just like the one Katniss used! 

This year's most popular baby doll is the Little Mommy Doctor Doll. The new doll can talk, telling all of her symptoms while your child uses her various medical instruments to hear her heartbeat, check her temperature, even examine her reflexes on her knee (that actually kicks!). 

Has your family received a NookKindle or iPad this year?  Find Fujimini Adventure Series award-winning books here.  Great family-friendly gifts.

Some of 2012's most popular movies have been made into toys that make perfect presents this Christmas. Dolls, such as the Katniss Everdeen doll and Brave dolls, are not only fun but also great role models. Add to her stuffed animal collection by giving her some new soft, furry friends to cuddle with at night

With over 3.7 million Facebook fans, Boo the dog has become known as the "world's cutest dog". Even though she may not be able to cuddle the real puppy, she can curl up in bed at night with the super soft Boo stuffed animal. 

Air Hogs Hover Assault
FurReal Friends has come out with a new stuffed animal to add to the collection as well. The impossibly soft and very cute Baby Butterscotch Pony makes a perfect nighttime companion. 

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And of course, we can't forget about all your rough-and-tumble boys this Christmas! If you have a dinosaur lover on your hands be sure to get them something from Lego's new dinosaur collection. The dino-helicopter and T-rex set are sure to be a hit with your child and all their friends. Spider-Man has always been a favorite, but this year it's especially popular thanks to release of The Amazing Spider-Man. The new Amazing Spider-Man motorized web-shooting Spider-Man action figure (wow that's a mouthful) can shoot webs out of its wrist, then drag it back to place, all while making all kinds of realistic sounds.

The super-sized version of the 3DS, recently released by Nintendo, probably made its way onto many Christmas lists this year -- and for good reason. The screen is almost 90% bigger and comes with more memory space. It has all the same functions as the older version, just new and improved. The next item on our list is a winner in the hearts of any child -- dads might even be sneaking in some time with this new toy! The Air Hogs Hover Assault (even the name is intriguing) takes the flying capabilities of a helicopter and combines it with the driving capabilities of a car. The result: a remote control car that can drive with an impressive amount of speed and then take off into the air and fly! What boy doesn't dream about a flying car? 

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