Sunday, July 1, 2012

Incheon Airport Provides Exclusive Culture between Flights

Travellers won't dread layovers anymore if it means a stop at the Incheaon International Airport! In an attempt to break away from the rigid stereotypes that airports have, the Incheaon International Airport has created a revolutionary idea that will change the way people travel. Instead of sitting around feeling bored and tired while waiting to board the plane, passengers can now indulge in a range of diverse cultural events offered

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Performances ranging from classical to traditional are held in the Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Center within the airport. In the center, waiting passengers can play traditional Korean instruments such as the "gayageum" and "janggu" or try handicraft such as kite and fan making

While travelers can also try on traditional Korean costume and purchase traditional crafts, such as Korean ceramics. Watch a reenactment of the queen and king of the Joseon Kingdom during the "Walk of the Royal Family" parade, at the passenger terminal. Another exciting feature of the cultural experience at the Incheaon Airport is that it is free for foreigners! 

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The Incheon International Airport has topped the Airport Service Quality, which is conducted by Airports Council International, for seven years in a row for fabulous service. 

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