Monday, July 16, 2012

Olympics Moms are #ModernMoms

For all the women who are familiar with the struggles of balancing motherhood and climbing up the corporate ladder, try being a mom in addition to one of the top athletes in the world

While women who are both mothers as well as top-ranking athletes is a relatively exclusive group, there are several who belong. The women who are major players in world sports and have at least one child under the age of eighteen make the list of the most powerful women in sports. These women prove that just because you are a mother doesn't mean you can't be an Olympic powerhouse

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Take swimmer Dara Torres for example. She won two silver medals In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which fell shortly after the birth of her daughter. Captain of the US women's Olympic soccer team, Christie Rampone, led the team to a gold medal victory during the 2008 Beijing games, all while raising a young daughter. Mother of three, Melanie Roach, also makes the list after placing sixth during the Beijing games in weightlifting and remains a top-ranking woman weightlifter in America. 

Another inspiring woman in the sports world is Kim Clijsters. Once ranking number one in the world for tennis, she came back stronger than ever after the birth of her daughter Jada. She won the US Open in 2009, beating out the top-ranked Williams sisters, when her daughter was less than a year old. Nicknamed the greatest volleyball player of all time, Kerri Walsh hasn't been slowed down by her infant son. Even with another child on the way, Walsh plans on competing in the 2012 London games. 

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Basketball powerhouse, Candace Parker, recently gave birth to her daughter Lailaa and jumped right back into playing for the Los Angeles Sparks a few months later. 

These women find the strength to raise children while not letting it slow down their game, and for that reason they deserve recognition! No matter what profession, women around the world can relate to the battle of balancing work with motherhood and the joys as well as difficulties it can bring. 

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