Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Modern Mom Chaunte Lowe Rises for the 2012 Olympics

Chaunte Lowe is an Olympic athlete in the sport of track and field. She is originally from Riverside, CA and currently resides in Decatur, GA. This year she qualifies for her third olympic team after winning the 2012 Olympic Trials, clearing 2.01m/6-7. Lowe competed in Athens and won a silver metal at the 2005 World Championships. Her Olympic career continued when she represented the United States in the 2008 Beijing games, finishing sixth. Shortly after she went on to set three personal records in 2010, one of which included an American-record 2.05m/6-8 in the high jump. 

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All of these accomplishments at just 28-years of age, oh and did we mention she is a graduate of Georgia Tech and mother of two? Now that is a modern mom! Lowe gave birth to her first daughter, Jasmine, on July 30, 2007. She resumed training just eight weeks after she gave birth. She admits that getting back into it was a struggle, for the first few weeks jogging was difficult and jumping was simply out of the question, but she didn't let her challenges hold her back or break her spirit. She gave birth to her second daughter, Aurora, on April 20, 2011 but is back in the game for the 2012 London Olympics! 

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