Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Technophiles: Trendsetter Vacations in Asia

The 21st century has welcomed a host of new trends that can be difficult to keep up with because they are constantly changing. One day you have the latest phone, Ipod, dance moves, furniture, computer, fashion, and then before you know it there is something 'newer' or 'better' on the market. Avoid being yesterday's news by planning your trendy vacation ahead of time! Asian countries make this easy by their love of hosting futuristic events never seen before. 

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Keep up with the latest fashion trends at the Bangkok Design Festival this November 20th through the 30th. This festival provides a space for local and international businesses to show off their creations, ranging from fashion to furniture. After exploring your designer wildside, unwind at the Dream Hotel Bangkok. A hip new hotel describing itself as having an 'in-your-wildest-dreams' design, which includes ethereal lighting that seeps out from under the bed to create the illusion you're sleeping on a cloud. Many other fabulous hotel deals can be found in Bangkok during this exciting time, so don't wait to book one now!

Get educated about the latest happenings in nature, global warming, and dams at The Eco Film Fest. This festival, located in Kuala Lumpur, takes place from October 11th through the 16th. Look, listen, and learn with showings of environmental films such '11 Degrees'. After viewing the films, have meaningful conversations with people sharing your interests over delicious organic foods and drinks. 

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Scope out the latest paintings, sculptures, animation, movies, workshops, and over 20 live bands at the International Art event and Design Fest vol. 32. Over 8500 artists come together for this event, located in Tokyo on November 6th through the 7th. Extend your exposure to artistic brilliance with a stay at the swanky Peninsula Hotel Tokyo. Designed with the purest architectural genius, this hotel is filled with high tech gadgets and room service delivered through a hatch in the wall. 

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