Monday, June 25, 2012

'Visit South Korea' in 2012 offers Fun, Culture, Excitement

The chaos and excitement of South Korea has always provided the perfect vacation spot for the eager tourist, but for 2012 there are even more reasons to head East. 

Visit Korea Year has been an ongoing campaign project for two-years, but 2012 is the final year of the campaign.  Visiting Korea during Visit Korea Year allows you access to the exclusive discounts and promotions that have been designed during this time to make Korea a more desirable place for travelers. These coupons, free bus shuttles, hotel deals, and KTX discounts of up to 30 percent won't last forever! This is the perfect opportunity for visiting!

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Another reason to visit Korea this 2012 is the recent boom of K-Pop. This year has proven to be a good year for K-Pop and if you're a dedicated follower, now is the perfect time to witness some of the chaos for yourself. The passing of events such as the 21st Seoul Music Awards back in January or the Big Bang Concert shouldn't set you back, there is still plenty more to come in the exciting, constantly growing world of K-Pop music. 

Even if you're not a fan of K-Pop, there are still plenty of aspects of Korea that make it the place for you to visit this year. A reason that is proven challenging to argue with: the food. Explore deeply rooted tradition with thousands of mouth watering recipes in the local restaurant or at big events and food festivals, such as the 2012 Korean Food Festival.

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Expand your learning with events such as the 2012 International Exposition in Yeosu. The Exposition is opening under the theme "The Living Ocean and Coast", with the goal of sharing knowledge and dealing with issues regarding not only the ocean but also marine technology and sustainable resources. 

Even transportation is easier in Korea with the new express train, the ITX. Running at 180 kph, the ITX travels between Seoul and Chuncheon. Dubbed a "must-see" route by the Visit Korea Committee, Chuncheon is home to mountains, lakes, lake islands, and architectural as well as historical treasures. 

Though K-pop may rule when it comes to music, but Seoul's wide variety of tastes attracts the big international names in genres such as heavy metal, jazz, electronica, and indie pop/rock. Groups such as LMFAO have played in Seoul this year and the big names will surely continue to come. 

Technology-lovers can thrive during a trip to Korea with newer events such as Korea's Olleh Smartphone Film Festival. This innovative tech-themed event, on its second year of existence, promotes and celebrates the future of smartphone development. Creativity and boldness are encouraged at this festival with competitions for professional and amateur filmmakers with cash prizes for the winners. 

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