Monday, June 18, 2012

Hungry Ghost Festival: Visit Asia this July

If daily life is feeling repetitive or work is getting stressful, take a trip to Asia this summer. Many countries across Asia are home to many festivals, events, and holidays, especially during the warm summer months. One Asian events sure to liven up your summer is the Hungry Ghost Festival

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The Hungry Ghost Festival takes place all over China, occurring on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. This festival's roots lie within Chinese Taoism

Chinese traditionalists believe that this is a Ghost Month where the gates of hell are opened. Activities to keep the evil away include shouting, screaming, and whistling. It is also very important to stay away from water, it is believed that souls of the damned lie in the water waiting to pull you under. Halfway through the Ghost Month, large parties are thrown to please the spirits. 

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Candles and lotus flowers are placed in lanterns that float on water as well as in the air. The Chinese will leave money and images of their gods in graveyards and the money is burnt at night to drive away money-hungry demons. Fancy banquets are held during this celebration, and do not be surprised by the empty chairs- they are reserved for the ghosts. Offerings or joss sticks are left at road junctions to persuade the ghosts to protect their children or partners. The Hungry Ghost Festival eventually became an important part of Chinese Buddhist life as well. 

This festival provides entertainment for all ages but is also rich in Chinese tradition and culture.

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