Monday, January 24, 2011

Reading Helps Children Become Independent Learners

ONCEKids, the publisher of the Fujimini Island Adventure Series, understands that the goal of teaching reading involves helping children become independent learners. Reading is a skill that requires children to venture into new worlds and learn. Being an independent learner does not mean learning alone but it does mean that students receive effective instruction before they wander into books. What does effective instruction look like when it comes to teaching reading?
  1. Teacher modeling: This involves combining explicit, direct instruction with discussion. 
  2. Scaffolding: This means building from what students know. A great way to scaffold is to do pre-reading diagrams or mind mapping. 
  3. Group practice: After instruction and mind mapping, pairs or small groups read texts together. This helps students learn more reading strategies from their fellow students.
  4. Peer teaching: Invite students to become teachers. This helps engage students in the task of reading gives them the power to help form reading strategies together.
  5. Integration: This basically means combining all of the above strategies with writing and read-alouds.
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