Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Encourage your Child to Read

Reading is a rewarding activity for people of all ages. Reading is a skill that children develop in school with expert instruction. Children can also learn a great deal about reading from their peers. Children learn best when they are having fun and books that trigger their imagination and love of action and adventure work best for encouraging reading. But reading can be difficult. Here are some strategies to encourage children to use when reading:
  1. Skipping: This means skipping over difficult words. Skipping words allows readers to continue reading. You might want to encourage your reader to make note of the difficult words.
  2. Stretching: This means encouraging your reader to sound out the word or stretch the pronunciation of each consonant and vowel.
  3. Summarizing: It is good practice to encourage your reader to summarize what they have read after a few pages. 
  4. Thinking aloud: This is about encouraging your reader to verbally think through what they have read. You can also use this as an opportunity to have your reader clarify certain points in the story.
  5. Visualizing: Ask your reader about their mental images of the text. Help them create images or assist them in correcting images. Words form images in minds and if a word is misinterpreted your reader may have a radically different image. You can help your reader correct different images.
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