Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Power of iPads!

iPads are making a splash in education in a big way. One school district in New York placed iPads in all their humanities classes. Students learn about history and the arts through interactive games, puzzles and books. Some people have questioned the value of using iPads in the classroom. Detractors have commented that there is very little statistical proof that computers in the classroom have improved learning. Additionally, detractors have commented that in our age of steep budget cuts iPads seem like an extravagance. But many educators are singing the praises of iPads and are distributing to kids starting in kindergarten. Some educators have indicated that there are thousands of uses for iPads and that iPads are undoubtedly beneficial in streamlining education regardless of the lack of studies.

ONCEKids recognizes the power of iPads. ONCEKids will be launching their Fujimini Island Adventure Series books on iBook. Young children will be able to enjoy the series digitally.

Stay tuned for the launch date!

For more information visit and explore Fujimini Island.

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